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IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad – 2016

Last year Abhinav participated IMO – 2015 and won Gold Medal & Fantastic ranking. Last year preparation was like less than one week because of Chennai Floods.

Link here:   old Post on IMO

But This year he prepared good and Enjoyed writing it. Questions were very tough and paper is attached  here.

Fingers crossed for Results.




Seahorse – Interesting Facts

Very Interesting facts about Seahorse ( source: Livemint)

  • Seahorses boast a host of oddities
  • Males, not females, carry and give birth to babies
  • They swim upright, not horizontally
  • They have horse-like heads, tube-like snouts and no teeth
  • They have grasping tails to grip sea-grasses and corals to avoid being swept away by currents
  • Their eyes work independently, letting them look forward and backward simultaneously
  • They can change colours to camouflage themselves
  • Male seahorses possess a brood pouch. During mating, a female deposits eggs into the male’s pouch. The male fertilizes the eggs internally and carries them in the pouch until they hatch, releasing the fully formed offspring into the sea

Picture Courtesy: Google and allied sites

Cancer – The Killer Disease

From Dictionary:

a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.


a malignant growth or tumour resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells.

It is the name for a group of more than 100 diseases in which cells begin to grow out of control.

More from Government Websites:

Link : ( Here )

Prepared some document with help of Visual Capitalist Pictures:

Link : ( why-there-is-no-cure-for-cancer)

Fasting :

Unproven method or under research for conclusion. But all religion exercised Fasting and preached to continue.

Few Links ( Here ,  Here )

Turmeric and Food Habits:

Indian food habits is putting speed-breaker for Cancer growth. But cancer growth is increasing every year due to adoption of western food and other reasons. Turmeric seems to be good fighter for cancerous cells.

Few Links ( Here , Here )

Some Effects of Toxicity


Courtesy : Google

Cyclonic Storm Vardah

It was a havoc yesterday in Chennai and its surroundings.

No Power

No Tower

No Shops ( but very few opened to serve the people, they took highest risk)

Yesterday was Karthigai Maha Deepam, All houses must be lit with Traditional oil lamps as per the culture. Some shops use candles to adhere the same. Kids used to celebrate with crackers. But Lord Varuna and Vayau did not help and we lit the lamps inside the house and prayed almighty.

Few Pictures of Vardah.

At our Office:

At our Living Area ( Lakshmi Nagar)

From Internet

Courtesy: Google, NDTV..etc

Govt is doing all the necessary things to restore normality in city. But Lot of Electric Post fell or uprooted or damaged due to tree fall which is taking longer time to restore power and Mobile communications in certain areas.



Our Beloved CM Passed away

It was painful news to hear last Monday 1130PM ( 5-Dec-2016). We pray to God for her soul rests in peace. She was role model for many in the world. It is a big void in our state.

Some pictures from TOI, Live Mint.




Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa’s funeral procession from Rajaji Hall to Marina Beach in Chennai on Tuesday


The casket carrying Jayalalithaa’s body draped in the national flag is kept at Rajaji Hall, where bodies of former chief ministers—K. Kamaraj and M.G.Ramachandran—were kept before their funerals


Indian army and air force officers carry the body of J. Jayalalithaa in a glass casket during her funeral procession in Chennai on Tuesday




Stop Chasing the Life. Start living the Life !

இன்றைய சூழ்நிலையில் வாழ்க்கை எப்படி இருக்கிறது?

எல்லோரும் அதிவேகமாக ஓடுகிறார்கள்.

😔நவீனம் நடத்தும் பொருளாதார பந்தயத்தில் ஓடுவதற்கு சொந்த ஊர் சுமையாக இருந்தது அதை உதறி வீசினார்கள், வேகம் மேலும் கூடியது.

😔பந்தயம் மேலும் கடினமான போது தாய்மொழி சுமையாக இருந்தது அதையும் வீசினார்கள் இன்னும் வேகம் அதிகரித்தது.

😔பின்னர் அறச்சிந்தனைகள் பெறும் சுமையாயின அவை அனைத்தையும் உதறிவிட்டு ஓடினார்கள்.

😔இறுதியில் உறவுகள் யாவும் சுமையாகிப்போயின அவற்றையும் கழற்றி வீசிவிட்டு பொருளாதாரப்பந்தயத்தில் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள் நவீன மனிதர்கள்.

😔இப்போது பொருளாதாரம் மற்றும் வெற்றிகரமான வாழ்க்கை என்ற வெறி மட்டும் எஞ்சி உள்ளது இனி வீசி எறிய எதுவுமில்லை.

😔குடும்பங்கள் யாவும் சிதறிக்கிடக்கின்றன மடிக்கணினி திரை வழியாக பேரப்பிள்ளைகளை கொஞ்சும் பெரியவர்கள் உருவாகி விட்டார்கள் பிறந்த பிள்ளையின் பசிக்கு பால் ஊட்டவும் மலத்தை கழுவவும் கூட நேரம் இல்லாத இளம் அம்மாக்கள் உருவாகி விட்டனர்.

😔மனைவி அடிவயிற்று  வலியால் துடித்தாலும் அரவணைத்து தட்டிக்கொடுக்கும் பக்குவம் இல்லாத இளம் கணவர்கள் உருவாகியிருக்கிறார்கள்.

😔பல பெரியவர்களுக்கு பிள்ளைகளை பார்க்காத ஏக்கத்திலேயே இதயம் வலிக்கிறது.
பிள்ளைகளால் மருத்துவ செலவுக்கு பணம் அனுப்ப முடிகிறது வந்து பார்க்க வழியில்லை.

😔எல்லோருடைய நேரத்தையும் நிறுவனங்கள் விழுங்கி விட்டன. நகரங்கள் விரிவடைந்து கொண்டே இருக்கின்றன மனித மாண்பு வெகுவாக சுருங்கி விட்டது.

😔மூன்றே வயது நிரம்பிய பிள்ளைகள் மழலைக்காப்பகத்துக்கு அனுப்பப்படுகிறார்கள். இந்த கால கல்வி முறையில் பிள்ளைகள் முழுமையாக வீட்டில் இருப்பதே ஐந்து வயது வரைக்கும் தான், அதன் பின்னர் ஓடத்தொடங்கும் அவர்கள் வாழ்நாள் முழுவதற்கும் நிற்பதற்கு வழியே இல்லை அந்த ஐந்து வயது வரைக்குமாவது பெற்றோருடனும் உறவினருடனும் வாழும் உரிமை குழந்தைகளுக்கு வழங்கப்படுவது இல்லை.

😔தொடக்கத்தில் கூட்டுக்குடும்பங்கள் தனிக்குடும்பங்களாக பிரிந்தன இப்போது தனிக்குடும்பங்களின் உறுப்பினர்கள் தனித்தனியாக பிரிந்து இயங்குகிறார்கள்.

😔பெற்ற பிள்ளைகளை ஐந்தே ஐந்து ஆண்டுகள் கூட பார்த்துக்கொள்ள முடியாத சமூகத்துக்கு மழையும் காற்றும் சீராக வழங்கப்படுமா என்ன..?

👉🏽ஆயிரம் சூரியன் ஆயிரம் சந்திரன் ஒரே ஒரு பூமி -இனி சொல்வதற்கு ஒன்றுமில்லை, மனித இனம் தனது அழிவுக்கான ஒரு வழிபாதையில் ஓடத்தொடங்கி விட்டது, இனி இதை தடுப்பதென்பது மிகவும் கடினமான ஒன்றாகும்.

🏹மாறுவோம்… மாற்றுவோம்… மாற்றத்தை நம்மிடமிருந்தே துவங்குவோம்.

நீங்கள் இவ்வாறு ஓடிக் கொண்டிருந்தால், ஓடுவதை சற்று நிறுத்திவிட்டு, ஒரு நிமிர்ந்து சிந்தித்துப் பாருங்கள்!

Courtesy: Classroom 2007 blog.

FAQ on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes banned – What to do?

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes banned: Your questions answered by the RBI

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes banned: Your questions answered by the RBI

 Why this scheme?

The incidence of fake Indian currency notes in higher denomination has increased. For ordinary persons, the fake notes look similar to genuine notes, even though no security feature has been copied. The fake notes are used for anti-national and illegal activities. High denomination notes have been misused by terrorists and for hoarding black money. India remains a cash based economy hence the circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes continues to be a menace. In order to contain the rising incidence of fake notes and black money, the scheme to withdraw has been introduced.

What is this scheme?

The legal tender character of the notes in denominations of Rs 500 and Rs1000 stands withdrawn. In consequence thereof withdrawn old high denomination (OHD) notes cannot be used for transacting business and/or store of value for future usage. The OHD notes can be exchanged for value at any of the 19 offices of the Reserve Bank of India or at any of the bank branches or at any Head Post Office or Sub-Post Office.

How much value will I get?

You will get value for the entire volume of notes tendered at the bank branches / RBI offices.

Can I get all in cash?

No. You will get upto Rs 4000 per person in cash irrespective of the size of tender and anything over and above that will be receivable by way of credit to bank account.

Why I cannot get the entire amount in cash when I have surrendered everything in cash?

The Scheme of withdrawal of old high denomination(OHD) notes does not provide for it, given its objectives.

Rs 4000 cash is insufficient for my need. What to do?

You can use balances in bank accounts to pay for other requirements by cheque or through electronic means of payments such as Internet banking, mobile wallets, IMPS, credit/debit cards etc.

What if I don’t have any bank account?

You can always open a bank account by approaching a bank branch with necessary documents required for fulfilling the KYC requirements.

What if, if I have only JDY account?

A JDY account holder can avail the exchange facility subject to the caps and other laid down limits in accord with norms and procedures.

Where can I go to exchange the notes?

The exchange facility is available at all Issue Offices of RBI and branches of commercial banks/RRBS/UCBs/State Co-op banks or at any Head Post Office or Sub-Post Office.

Need I go to my bank branch only?

For exchange upto 4000 in cash you may go to any bank branch with valid identity proof.

For exchange over 4000, which will be accorded through credit to Bank account only, you may go to the branch where you have an account or to any other branch of the same bank.

In case you want to go to a branch of any other bank where you are not maintaining an account, you will have to furnish valid identity proof and bank account details required for electronic fund transfer to your account.

Can I go to any branch of my bank?

Yes you can go to any branch of your bank.

Can I go to any branch of any other bank?

Yes, you can go to any branch of any other bank. In that case you have to furnish valid identity proof for exchange in cash; both valid identity proof and bank account details will be required for electronic fund transfer in case the amount to be exchanged exceeds Rs 4000.

I have no account but my relative / friend has an account, can I get my notes exchanged into that account?

Yes, you can do that if the account holder relative/friend etc gives you permission in writing. While exchanging, you should provide to the bank, evidence of permission given by the account holder and your valid identity proof.

Should I go to bank personally or can I send the notes through my representative?

Personal visit to the branch is preferable. In case it is not possible for you to visit the branch you may send your representative with an express mandate i.e. a written authorisation. The representative should produce authority letter and his / her valid identity proof while tendering the notes.

Can I withdraw from ATM?

It may take a while for the banks to recalibrate their ATMs. Once the ATMs are functional, you can withdraw from ATMs upto a maximum of Rs.2,000/- per card per day upto 18th November, 2016. The limit will be raised to Rs.4000/- per day per card from 19th November 2016 onwards.

Can I withdraw cash against cheque?

Yes, you can withdraw cash against withdrawal slip or cheque subject to ceiling of Rs10,000/- in a day within an overall limit of Rs.20,000/- in a week (including withdrawals from ATMs) for the first fortnight i.e. upto 24th November 2016.

Can I deposit withdrawn notes through ATMs, Cash Deposit Machine or cash Recycler?

Yes, OHD notes can be deposited in Cash Deposits machines / Cash Recyclers.

Can I make use of electronic (NEFT/RTGS /IMPS/ Internet Banking / Mobile banking etc.) mode?

You can use NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking or any other electronic/ non-cash mode of payment.

How much time do I have to exchange the notes?

The scheme closes on 30th December 2016. The OHD banknotes can be exchanged at branches of commercial banks, Regional Rural Banks, Urban Cooperative banks, State Cooperative Banks and RBI till 30th December 2016.

For those who are unable to exchange their Old High Denomination Banknotes on or before December 30, 2016, an opportunity will be given to them to do so at specified offices of the RBI, along with necessary documentation as may be specified by the Reserve Bank of India.

I am right now not in India, what should I do?

If you have OHD banknotes in India, you may authorize in writing enabling another person in India to deposit the notes into your bank account. The person so authorized has to come to the bank branch with the OHD banknotes, the authority letter given by you and a valid identity proof (Valid Identity proof is any of the following: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Pass Port, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Identity Card Issued by Government Department, Public Sector Unit to its Staff)

I am an NRI and hold NRO account, can the exchange value be deposited in my account?

Yes, you can deposit the OHD banknotes to your NRO account.

I am a foreign tourist, I have these notes. What should I do?

You can purchase foreign exchange equivalent to Rs 5000 using these OHD notes at airport exchange counters within 72 hours after the notification, provided you present proof of purchasing the OHD notes.

I have emergency needs of cash (hospitalization, travel, life saving medicines) then what I should do?

You can use the OHD notes for paying for your hospitalization charges at government hospitals, for purchasing bus tickets at government bus stands for travel by state government or state PSU buses, train tickets at railway stations, and air tickets at airports, within 72 hours after the notification.

What is proof of identity?

Valid Identity proof is any of the following: Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Pass Port, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Identity Card Issued by Government Department, Public Sector Unit to its Staff.

Where can I get more information on this scheme?

Further information is available at .in .


Take Pledge and Be Clean

Lets Observe  Vigilance Awareness Week- 2016 on the theme “Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating Corruption” from 31st October to 5th November 2016.

Please Take Pledge and Show your Integrity. Your followers also will follow you by coming clean. Lets make corruption free India.

I took Pledge. Do you ?


CVC gives you Certificate of Commitment.



Length Article but Worth Reading it. Medical Emergencies are the one which takes away peace, money, knowledge….etc


Medical Emergencies & Your Money

This time, I want to talk about being smart with money during medical emergencies. I request the readers’ indulgence and want to share my learning from a medical emergency and how we can be smart with our money. The medical industry is designed to exploit the ‘fear’ and ‘ignorance’ factor and transfer wealth from the average individual to the group of players who dot the medical industry—doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
When medical emergencies arise, logic and reason take a back seat. You are ready for exploitation by the healthcare industry. The situation is compounded by the fact that corporate hospitals are sharply focused on their bottom-line and the doctors have to recover the exorbitant cost they have incurred on their medical education. Many of the emergencies would involve either a cardiologist or a neurologist or…

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