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Abhinav’s First Share

Relationship between Share market and Hot wheels.
Today’s morning conversation between me and Abhinav which happened when we were riding on bike.


Abhinav: Daddy, are there any shares around Rs 200.

Me:          Why are you asking? Yes , plenty of shares are there below 200

Abhinav: I have pocket money of Rs 200 and I want to spend by buying share.

Me:          Very good.

Abhinav: Pl get all documents and details of shares. Let me select.

Me:          Omg. Documents !!!

Abhinav: Is Hot wheels share available?

Me:          No. Evening we will select your first share.

Me and Priya was very proud of his thought process.

My Mom just quoted Tamil Proverb ” Thai 8 adi pancha, kutti 16 adi payum!! “


Abhinav’s Latest Drawing

One of the wedding invitation has Lord Vinayaga picture and I asked Abhi to draw. He agreed and He drew a really very good that too very fast. He has knack of drawing skills and i need to support him with proper tools and coaching.

Black & White

With Color

Note: Lord Vinayaga is really artist friendly. everybody like to draw him. Who is such a inspiration and Motivator.

Spell Bee International

This time Abhinav shown interest to participate in Spell Bee International though he dont like English much ( basically his 90% interest in Science and Maths only). But He want to see how the exam would be? We enrolled for the Inter-School level and exam happened last Month. Totally he would have spend 10 hours in preparation in which he gave more time for GK rather than English.

unnamed-13.pngYesterday His Teacher announced him as School Topper in his Grade. That means there are 12 section in Class 2. Each class has average of 35 students, out of which 10-12 students might be participated from his school. So it would be 150 students participation in Class 2 and Abhinav scored Topper and he is eligible to participate in State / Regional level competition. The cost of conducting Spell bee exam is Rs 400 plus for entry level and Rs 450 for next level. it is very very expensive relative to IMO (Olympiad exam is Rs 110). Spell bee management needs to consider this.

Some snapshots from Spell Bee website:

Spell Bee.png

About Spell bee Portion for Inter-School where as Abhinav became Topper.

Round I Spell it Right
 Round II Word Analysis
  Round III Inflects And Collocations
 Round IV

Round V

Find the Correct Sentence

General Knowledge


Happy New Year 2017

We wish you a very a happy and prosperous new year. Lets live healthy and pollute less.

Below are my resolutions for the year.

* Plant at-least two trees

* Read Four Books Which already Bought

* Continue to help (5% of earnings)  underprivileged

* Reduce anger and fat

Abhinav’s resolutions

* Eat at-least three different fruits and two different vegetables daily

* Change the sequence as ” Morning Study and Evening Play” (influence of Mahakavi)

* Wake up everyday at 530AM

IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad – 2016

Last year Abhinav participated IMO – 2015 and won Gold Medal & Fantastic ranking. Last year preparation was like less than one week because of Chennai Floods.

Link here:   old Post on IMO

But This year he prepared good and Enjoyed writing it. Questions were very tough and paper is attached  here.

Fingers crossed for Results.




Length Article but Worth Reading it. Medical Emergencies are the one which takes away peace, money, knowledge….etc


Medical Emergencies & Your Money

This time, I want to talk about being smart with money during medical emergencies. I request the readers’ indulgence and want to share my learning from a medical emergency and how we can be smart with our money. The medical industry is designed to exploit the ‘fear’ and ‘ignorance’ factor and transfer wealth from the average individual to the group of players who dot the medical industry—doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
When medical emergencies arise, logic and reason take a back seat. You are ready for exploitation by the healthcare industry. The situation is compounded by the fact that corporate hospitals are sharply focused on their bottom-line and the doctors have to recover the exorbitant cost they have incurred on their medical education. Many of the emergencies would involve either a cardiologist or a neurologist or…

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What is the state of electron?

Abhinaelectronsv is preparing for NSO exam. I find NSO questions are very tough for his age and Why they are farming such a difficult things. at the age of 6, their brain itself is under development with lot of inputs from surroundings and self learning. Me and Priya got stuck for few questions and refered Google for the right answers. The another problem is lack of Science vocabulary which is slowing down the Abhinav pace. I have to blame NSO for their rush and more loading to Children. electron-motion

For some explanation, Abhinva paused me and asked below questions.

What is the state of Electron?

What  makes up Electron?

I was really shcoked because i never crossed these questions in my life and i found his question is very fundamantal and i even dont know it. I felt very shame.

Google gave me few answers which i cant explain easily to Abhinav because it will become base for many questions. But i will try to tell him in easy way.

  • Electron is subatomic & elementary particle which behave as particle and wave
  •  “State” is not applicable to Subatomic particle
  • A thermodynamic state (such as solid,liquid or gas)  is determined by combined statistical interaction of many particles. Individual Particle does not have well defined properties even the Temperature. Only collection of particles can have properties 
  • A state is a property of the way the atoms are arranged, and a single electron cannot be arranged.
  • Nobody knows what makes up electron

PS: It is been a month, i did not update the blog. Lazy disease has no medicine.

Image Courtesy: Google.

Connecting the Dots

Abhinav is Fast thinker in connecting Dots across many events. I wonder how he remembers all the things and connects it. His neurons are at work faster than normal ( I guess :))

Event 1:

Last month We all watched Age of Adaline. It was nice Sci-fi and Fantasy Movie but bit slow screenplay. Abhinav got a glimpse of story and he wondered ” How it is possible to stay young after lightning strike?”. But we convinced him that it is just a fantasy movie; So there wont be any proof of existence. Markandaya.jpg

Three days before, when Abhinav Sneezed, Priya Said ” theerkaaisu” ( தீர்க்கஆயிசு – தீர்க்கஆயிள்) for first sneeze, then “Markendaaisu” (மார்க்கெண்டஆயிசு). During Sneezing, Heart is stopped for a moment from its beating; People say ” god bless you” in western countries. In Tamilnadu, it is used to say “Muruga” in most of the places and “தீர்க்கஆயிசு & மார்க்கெண்டஆயிசு” in certain places. Abhinav asked the story of Markendaya and Priya Explained the story of Markendaya.

Abhinav quickly correlated Sage Markendaya and Age of Adaline. 

Event 2:

I used to take stories fromSquirrel.png Tamil Hindu website and share with Abhinav as a bed time stories.

I told one such a story about Squirrel a month before. Moral of the story is to learn the good things from parent and obedience with parent.

Story link here

Yesterday, After our play time at association ground, we were walking towards our house. We were discussing about obedience and the consequences if we dont follow it. It was very casual talk and Priya was insisting to follow Parent, Teacher…etc.

Abhinav quickly correlated Squirrel story with yesterday’s talk. Even I forgot about the story I shared. He told that I knew the consequences of obedience failure. Dont worry, Iwont be that squirrel.

It is amazing to see the correlation effect in children. 

Out of the Box Thinking

Abhinav is such a boy that he always think out of textbook and get low marks. We were happy that he is not part of herd. He proved in many occasions at home. But the problem is ” he started showing in exams too”.

Boxed vs Out of Box

Occasion 1:

Write words as per Pictures. One Woman who is physically fit and one Man who is physically unfit.

Picture Textbook answer Abhinav answer
Physically Fit Woman Thin Lean
Physically unfit man Thick Fat

English Literature madam gave wrong answer and asked Abhinav to follow exactly same as textbook.

Occasion 2:

Question and Answer

Why do we need a House?
Textbook answer:   We need a house for protection from Animals
Abhinav answer:    We need a House to Live

Madam gave wrong answer. Another friend of Abhinav wrote ” We need a house to stay” which also termed as wrong answer.

Occasion 3:

Write Opposite words

Word Textbook answer Abhinav answer
Like Dislike Unlike
Little More Big

Madam gave wrong answer and asked strictly to follow textbook answer.

Actually “Unlike” also right answer of opposite of “Like” provided Like is considered as preposition word. if you consider as verb, then “dislike” is right answer.

Actually “Big” also right answer of opposite of “Little”.

Certain School teachers are stopping the Students innovative mind. Actually they need to appreciate and encourage for “Out of Box thinking”


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