Last week we travelled to Bangalore. Each one enjoyed with their sibilings ( rightly pointed by my Brother). I had lighter moments with my Brother, Priya had lighter moments with Ramya, Abhinav had double moments with Danush and Diya. It is good to see Kids enjoyment with their siblings. Due to Rain and traffic, our plan for side trip was sidelined.

During Return, We were travelling in bus. As usual, Abhinab and Priya took nap. After the Nap, Abhinav started asking question which he was thinking or seeing outside the window. He saw one church and the conversation as follows.


Abhinav: Is it right to pray Jesus?

Me: Yes. we can pray.

Abhinav: Whether Christian can pray our Gods?

Me:  Yes. they can pray our Gods.

Abhinav: Whether Muslims can pray our Gods ? Whether can we pray Allah?

Me: I said, we all can pray any Gods. All Gods teach only one thing. They all say “Love everyone, Help everyone, True to everyone”.

Abhinav: Did god tell in your ears? That too all God tell you the same?

Me: I said with smile. God never talk to anybody. But there are Holy books for each God. In holy books, it is written as i said previously.

Abhinav still not convinced How Holy Books arrived, How Gods got power? Why so many Gods? Somehow i gave my answer to best of my knowledge.

Can anybody has better answer? Pl help.