I was discussing with Abhinav about India’s Medal in Rio Olympics 2016. I expressed my concern of just two medals from the 1.252 billion population whereas USA got 121 medals from 316 million population.

I also shared with Abhinav that ” If you are interested, I will arrange for proper swimming training wiPhelps 2016 RIOth competitive mode”. Because in Olympics, you can easily get more medals from swimming category. Also, You are well-trained in Swimming which you also love to do. It will help you to participate in competition. As an example, I said Michael Phelps got 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal in Rio Olympics Swimming. On total, he has 23 medals across all Olympics.

Abhinav said to me very quickly that “Let me beat Usian Bolt not Michael Phelps” daddy. I am very much interested in running that swimming. Let me touch 100 meters in 2 seconds.Usian Bolt 9.81s RIO 2016

I was so happy that he did note my conversation with Priya and he grabs the note of “Fastest man in the world is Usain Bolt”. Though 2 seconds is very much impractical and unrealistic, Me and Priya expressed our happiness and proud moment in our eyes.