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August 2016

Did God tell you?

Last week we travelled to Bangalore. Each one enjoyed with their sibilings ( rightly pointed by my Brother). I had lighter moments with my Brother, Priya had lighter moments with Ramya, Abhinav had double moments with Danush and Diya. It is good to see Kids enjoyment with their siblings. Due to Rain and traffic, our plan for side trip was sidelined.

During Return, We were travelling in bus. As usual, Abhinab and Priya took nap. After the Nap, Abhinav started asking question which he was thinking or seeing outside the window. He saw one church and the conversation as follows.


Abhinav: Is it right to pray Jesus?

Me: Yes. we can pray.

Abhinav: Whether Christian can pray our Gods?

Me:  Yes. they can pray our Gods.

Abhinav: Whether Muslims can pray our Gods ? Whether can we pray Allah?

Me: I said, we all can pray any Gods. All Gods teach only one thing. They all say “Love everyone, Help everyone, True to everyone”.

Abhinav: Did god tell in your ears? That too all God tell you the same?

Me: I said with smile. God never talk to anybody. But there are Holy books for each God. In holy books, it is written as i said previously.

Abhinav still not convinced How Holy Books arrived, How Gods got power? Why so many Gods? Somehow i gave my answer to best of my knowledge.

Can anybody has better answer? Pl help.



Let me beat Usain Bolt not Michael Phelps

I was discussing with Abhinav about India’s Medal in Rio Olympics 2016. I expressed my concern of just two medals from the 1.252 billion population whereas USA got 121 medals from 316 million population.

I also shared with Abhinav that ” If you are interested, I will arrange for proper swimming training wiPhelps 2016 RIOth competitive mode”. Because in Olympics, you can easily get more medals from swimming category. Also, You are well-trained in Swimming which you also love to do. It will help you to participate in competition. As an example, I said Michael Phelps got 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal in Rio Olympics Swimming. On total, he has 23 medals across all Olympics.

Abhinav said to me very quickly that “Let me beat Usian Bolt not Michael Phelps” daddy. I am very much interested in running that swimming. Let me touch 100 meters in 2 seconds.Usian Bolt 9.81s RIO 2016

I was so happy that he did note my conversation with Priya and he grabs the note of “Fastest man in the world is Usain Bolt”. Though 2 seconds is very much impractical and unrealistic, Me and Priya expressed our happiness and proud moment in our eyes.


New 7 Wonders of the World


Al Khazneh treasury building at Petra, Jordan
Al Khazneh treasury building at Petra, Jordan
Chichén Itzá.
Chichén Itzá.
Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro
Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro
Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
Incan pyramids at Machu Picchu, Peru
Incan pyramids at Machu Picchu, Peru
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Abhinav’s First Dance

L&T Construction Recreation club arranged kids singing and dancing competition last saturday. Abhinav performed his Maiden Dance at the Stage for “why this kolaveri?” song. Though his  hip did not help him much but his expressions and fast movement scored  us. With proper training he can dance well because he replicated without any hitch and gap. He is such an Amazing Kid. He did deliver this dance with two days of practice. Rakshan was quiet most of the time after performance but he appreciated Abhinav for his face expression and sing along with Dance.

Vijay TV fame KPY Anchor Mr. Rakshan joined us for making this event a great one. His Speech delivery and making fun out of time is silver lining of the event. People were asking him about ” where is Jacquline ( co-anchor of KPY)?” and took selfie with him with murmurs of ” He is next Siva Karthikeyan”.

PS: Abhinav was ready to sing ” Kabali – Nerrupu da song”. Due to time limitations, he was not given chance by organizer.




சிதம்பரம் நடராஜர் ஆலயம்

Thanks to Independence day for falling on Monday. We got long weekend (3 days) for planning mini tour. Priya and myself very much interested to go Chidambaram Natarajar Temple for very long time. The day comes and fortunately our Tatkal booking also went through well. Googled to see the nearest Temple of Chidambaram and got plenty around. Finally we selected to go Vaideeswaran Temple ( Mars Temple) and Thiruvengadu Temple (Mercury Temple).

We started from Chennai Egmore Station in Trichy express at 815AM. Uber helped to reach Egmore on time with least price. Priya packed delicious breakfast and we all enjoyed it on the go. Reached Chidambaram around 115PM and took Auto ricksaw for our Hotel Nataraja Residency. We booked Deluxe AC room via Stayzilla ( 30% while booking and 70% at hotel payment). Took Lunch and had a good nap. Hotel is near to Junction at which major buses stops. We boarded in Private bus which stopped in front of South entrance of Vaideeswaran Temple in 45 minutes. We had Good Darshan and amazed on Temple Statues and Water management. Two Statues are very different and we never seen those in any of the Temple.

Then we took bus to reach Sirkali for catching bus to Thiruvenkadu. Since the First bus was fully packed and we boarded in second bus. The bus headed for Poombukar ( Lost city due to Tsunami in olden days) and we got down at thiruvenkadu infront of Temple Entrance. God Suvedharanyeswarar and Brahmma Vidaymbal blessed and we got good darshan of Lord Mercury. I felt happy that my number skill may improve further.Took bus to reach Sirkali and had dinner in Sirkali Brahmin Hotel. Reached Chidambaram around 930PM and we were drenched in Rain while getting down from bus.

We had good sleep and thanks to Bluestar 2ton Ac Sleep mode option. We planned to go Chidambaram Natarajar Temple by 6AM. But with all delays , we touched the feet of Lord almighty Temple by 730AM. We came out by 11AM. It was wonderful to be there and enjoy the feel of God presence and Ancient People skills and talents. Chidambaram Natraja Perumal Temple is Aagaya Sthalam ( Sky out of Five Elements). Mukuruni Vinayagar, Subramniyar, Sivakami sundari ambal, Siva Ganga Pond, Urthava Thandavar Shrine, Samhara Murthy Shrine and a Govindaraja Peruma Temple ( one of the 108 thirupathy, padal petra Sthalam) Lord Natrajar are treat to our Eyes and Feast to our Heart. Loved the Temple Statues fine ness and not able to go away from that place.

Also in Prahar, We can see Dance poses on 1000 pillar mandapam. It was fantastic and Artist must be given Highest price on earth. It is must see place for all Hindus and Architect Lovers.

Checked out Hotel at 12PM and reached station by Auto. Boarded train by 130PM and reached Home by 7PM. What A Fantastic Trip.

Tricky Divinely Question?

When i was showing Dasavatharam sculptures in Mangadu Temple, He was asking about all avatars and i briefed him in two lines.

  • He asked about  Varaha avatar?

    Courtesy: Google

I said that  Lord Vishnu’s third avatar  who rescued Earth (Bhooma Devi) from Demon.

Demon Hiranyaksha Stole the Earth and hid in Ocean. God Vishnu appeared as Lord Varaha who is in the form of Boar. Lord Varaha slwe the demon and reterived Earth and Lifted her in his tusks and restored Bhooma Devi in her place in Universe.

Abhinav quickly asked me, where Demon hid the Earth? where the Fight between Lord varaha and Demon happened?

if it is not in Earth, then Where?

That means, We have water in Universe other than Earth !!!!!

Abhinav made interesting question.

  • He asked about Kalaki Avatar?
Courtesy: google

I said that Kalki avatar is tenth avatar of God vishnu and he will appear at the end of Kali Yuga. He rides on White Horse with Sword.

Abhinav asked me, Whether horse will not extinct till the end of Kali Yuga?

I said ” I don’t know and God has all the powers to make/destroy”.

Abhinav is not convinced about Last Avatar and details i gave.

(It is true because i am also having limited knowledge on the subject)




Alcohol and Alchemist

Movies and TV Serials are carrying “warning” messages against Liquor drinking and Smoking. Actually it is good idea to have it (misusing by giving in small font, such a way it will be unnoticed). It provides awareness to all non drinkers, non smokers and warning bell to smokers and drinkers.

Abhinav knew that Smoking damages lungs and it even kills it by giving Cancer, TB….such a dangerous diseases. But he started asking ” What they are drinking?”. the conversations as goes below.

Abhinav:  What they are drinking ?

Me: They are drinking  “Cool Drinks”.

Abhinav: Then, why they are showing warning messages?

Me: It is Alcohol, not an ordinary cool drinks. Alcohol drinking is dangerous to Health.

Abhinav: What will happen?

Me: It spoils Liver and Kidney. People will die if both parts failed.

Courtesy: Google

Abhinav: How they are making alcohol?

Me: They are making from Fruits, some Cereals / Grains…etc.

Abhinav: Those are good for Human. How it becomes Alcohol?

Me: They keep those and let it rot over a time ( I assumed that he may not understand fermentation process). Then it becomes Alcohol.

Abhinav: I knew it  Daddy….Because in Alchemist app, Fruits + Time is called Alcohol.

He seems convinced for “Alcohol is dangerous for health”.


Abhinav’s Swimming

As a Parent, we planned to give extra curricular activities to Abhinav but not before the Age of 5. It would be stress to him both physically and mentally. Thus, we decided to give all coaching class after his 5th Birthday. We also decided that “No more study oriented courses” because he is already spending most of his time in school. As per all this conditions and his wish list, we put him in Swimming Academy. It happened that Academy also newly started in our area.

It was a Yearly membership (Rs 6000) which includes coaching of all styles and Daily access to Pool except holidays. Abhinav was little fearful in first 5 days and he started enjoying with Pool ring and also 3 feet depth pool side. But it was short-lived; coach put him without ring and in 7 feet depth and he started getting his fear factor and he used to cry through out training session. Almost it happened for 2 months.

During that time, we skipped few classes due to his wish and our unplanned things. Chennai Flood also accounted 2 month break in his swimming class.But he started enjoying his swimming after few days of particular stroke. Abhinav is fast learner and he is good teacher too.

He learnt Breast Stroke, Free Style, Back Stroke and Butterfly stroke. Now he is not even coming out of pool and he make us wait every week. Abhinav also has reservations on certain coach. He likes Naveen Master most, he dislikes Siva Master most. But almost all coaches are friendly.

Abhinav shown his swimming skills in two places viz. Souparnika river, Mookambikai Temple and Kumbakarai Falls. He swam without any hesitation and he displayed his fearless swimming strokes.


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