We are sending our children to school to learn & improve discipline, mercy, knowledge and social skill…etc. But now a days, School is concentrating only on knwoledge and very less percentage of other needed skills.

Normally,  School Teachers wait until parent or authorised driver picks up children. But it is applicable till 2nd Standard. After that, Student can go on his own to home after their school timings though parent / authorised driver available at school gate. Because most of the school management thinks in similar fashion.

Missing Child
Missing Child (Courtesy: google)

In one of school, 4th standard student waited for his Mother to show up at 245PM. But Mother reached at 3PM and she found her kid is not at the gate. She went inside classroom and found missing. She shocked and took help of class teacher and principal. They are trying to reach him via his friends parents, he is not with them at all. She caller her apartment neighbours to call back if her kid shows up at house. No good news yet. She started crying and Class teacher also felt guilty and with tears. School management informed to Police to track the missing kid.

Around 645PM, She got a call from her neighbour which brought some breath to her. Her neighbour confirmed that kid at her home and waiting for his house key. Finally kid told ” You were not there on time and i waited 10 minutes and you did not show up; So i walked all the way to home”. The distance between School and home is roughly 6KM.

The Big Question

What a will power this Kid has?

Whether Parent did not teach their kid about waiting time?

Or School don’t have proper pick up and drop service?

It is mere communication gap and but it is not right thing. School and Parent has to wake up. Very expensive lesson.