Imagine a world where education is perceived to be so interesting as a hobby, a world where understanding is spontaneous, instant LMESand perfect and a world where education is chosen voluntarily rather than as a forced duty. This world is neither an imagination anymore nor in a distant future but an eventual reality.

” This is the exact wording from LMES website. Link for the website  HERE “.

If somebody teaches you science in your Mother Tongue with Proper examples, Who will say no? Thats exactly available here.

  • Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
  • World Without Triangles
  • Quantum mechanics plays a vital role in the navigation of migratory birds
  • The “Pi” has an important role in calculating the speed on your speedometer device
  • Do you have any idea how terrible nuclear disaster is?
  • The difference between science and engineering?

These are few examples which was very well explained in LMES.

Hats off to you Mr. Premanand Sethurajan.