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July 2016

India Vs China

How Indians are spending Money?

India is spending 33% of money for Food whereas China spends 25%, USA spends 10%.

India is spending 20% of money for Transportation whereas China spend 10% only.

India is spending less than 10% of money for Healthcare and Education whereas China spends 12%,  USA spends 35%, Korea spends 20%.

India is spending 10% for “Looking Good – like Apparels, Cosmetics” whereas USA spends 5%, China spends 12%.

How People differs in their spending pattern?

Personal Consumption expenditure:

India –   US$ 1012

China –  US$ 3005

Korea –   US$ 12598

Japan –   US$ 18515

US –         US$ 37206

How Indians Spend Money
Courtesy: Goldman Sachs

What you do if your kid is missing from School?

We are sending our children to school to learn & improve discipline, mercy, knowledge and social skill…etc. But now a days, School is concentrating only on knwoledge and very less percentage of other needed skills.

Normally,  School Teachers wait until parent or authorised driver picks up children. But it is applicable till 2nd Standard. After that, Student can go on his own to home after their school timings though parent / authorised driver available at school gate. Because most of the school management thinks in similar fashion.

Missing Child
Missing Child (Courtesy: google)

In one of school, 4th standard student waited for his Mother to show up at 245PM. But Mother reached at 3PM and she found her kid is not at the gate. She went inside classroom and found missing. She shocked and took help of class teacher and principal. They are trying to reach him via his friends parents, he is not with them at all. She caller her apartment neighbours to call back if her kid shows up at house. No good news yet. She started crying and Class teacher also felt guilty and with tears. School management informed to Police to track the missing kid.

Around 645PM, She got a call from her neighbour which brought some breath to her. Her neighbour confirmed that kid at her home and waiting for his house key. Finally kid told ” You were not there on time and i waited 10 minutes and you did not show up; So i walked all the way to home”. The distance between School and home is roughly 6KM.

The Big Question

What a will power this Kid has?

Whether Parent did not teach their kid about waiting time?

Or School don’t have proper pick up and drop service?

It is mere communication gap and but it is not right thing. School and Parent has to wake up. Very expensive lesson.

Some facts about Ants

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What an interesting facts about Ants?

எறும்புகள் பற்றிச் சில விந்தையான தகவல்களைப் பார்ப்போமா?

# பூமியில் உள்ள மொத்த எறும்புகளின் எண்ணிக்கை பூமியில் உள்ள மொத்த மனிதர்களின் எண்ணிக்கைக்குச் சமனானது எனப் பல ஆய்வுகள் கூறுகின்றன!

# எறும்புகள் டைனோசர்களின் காலத்திலிருந்தே இருக்கின்றன. எறும்புகளில் குறிப்பிடத்தக்க பரிணாமம் நடைபெற்று சுமார் 130 மில்லியன் (ஒரு மில்லியன் = 10 லட்சம்) ஆண்டுகள் ஆகின்றன.

# உலகம் முழுவதும் சுமார் 10,000 முதல் 12,000 வகையான எறும்புகள் வாழ்கின்றன.

# எறும்புகள் தனது எடையைவிட 20 – 50 மடங்கு அதிகமான எடையைத் தூக்க வல்லவை

# சாதாரணமாக எறும்புகள் 90 நாட்கள் வரை உயிர் வாழும்.

# எறும்புகளுக்குக் காதுகள் கிடையாது, நடக்கும்போது எற்படும் அதிர்வுகளை வைத்தே சுற்றியுள்ள விஷயங்களை உணருகின்றன.

# எறும்புகளில் அதிகாரம் உள்ள எறும்புக்கு ராணி எறும்பு என்று பெயர்.

# எறும்புகளுக்கு இரண்டு வயிறுகள் உள்ளன. ஒன்றை அதன் தேவைக்காகவும், மற்றதை ஏனைய எறும்புகளுக்காகவும் பயன்படுத்தும்.

# எறும்புகள் பல்வேறு அளவில் இருக்கின்றன. சில எறும்புகளைப் பூதக்கண்ணாடியைப் பயன்படுத்திதான் பார்க்க முடியும். அதிகபட்சமாக 3 அங்குலம் அளவுள்ள எறும்புகளும்கூட இருக்கின்றன.

# எறும்புகள் எப்போதும் தனித்து வாழாது! கூட்டம் கூட்டமாகவே வாழும். இக்கூட்டத்தை ‘காலனி’ என்பார்கள்.

# சில எறும்புகள் நீந்தக்கூடியவை. பொதுவாக 24 மணி நீரம் நீருக்கடியில் உயிருடன் வாழும் திறன் எறும்புகளுக்கு உண்டு.

# எறும்புகள் தமக்கு தேவையான உணவுகளை விவசாயம் செய்யக்கூடியவை. விவசாயம் செய்யும் அந்த எறும்பின் பெயர் இலை வெட்டி எறும்பு.

Courtesy: Google and Tamil Hindu

Tortoise Vs Turtle

Last weekend, we went to Guindy National Park. This park is one of the Abhinav Favorites and he loved going many times. This time we went with my Brother’s family too. My brother’s son Danush aged 1 year is very much interested to see all animals especially Peacocks. Abhinav started asking his questions. Park placed sign boards in English and Tamil, so i was happy enough to tell him all the facts. But there was no sign board for Jackal and Tortoise.

  1. What is Jackal called in Tamil?
  2. What is the difference between Tortoise and Turtle?

Finally Google helped me to translate Jackal means ” குள்ளநரி”

Tortoise: Mostly Land Living and Live very longer. Its Shell is very hard

Turtle: Mostly Water Living and Live shorter than tortoise. Its shell is very light weight. Legs are web type for Swimming preference.

Image Courtesy: Google

Abhinav’s Drawing

Abhinav Loves to draw. During KG time, he likes to do coloring and now he improved a lot. We are planning to send him for Drawing class to improve his drawing skills which he wanted most. We don’t want to load him with lot of classes for skill improvement. He priorities that he wanted skating first.

Abhinav Drawing

Abhinav’s Questions

Lately, Abhinav started asking questions with mixing his subjects and we are awestruck.


Subject Question: Why there is no life in the Moon?

Subject Answer: There is no life in the moon because there is no air.

Abhinav question: Whether water is there in the Moon?



Subject Question: What is the big one digit number?

Subject Answer:  9

Abhinav Question: Why not 9.5?


Me and Abhinav were having discussion about something and suddenly topic changed to creation and Lord Brahma. And I told him that Lord Shiva chopped off fifth head of Lord Brahma due to his untruthful and his proud ness.

Abhinav asked me ” So Lord Shiva is more powerful than Lord Brahma?”.

I replied yes and ” Lord Shiva is supreme god and very powerful”.

Abhinav asked ” how Lord Shiva got his power? Who gave him the Power? ; The person / God who gave powers to Lord Shiva is ” More Powerful”.

I said ” there no God above Lord Shiva”. If any, then i don’t know based on my knowledge level.

Abhinav quickly replied ” Ask Google”.

I said ” Google don’t know this things because Hinduism very complex”.

Abhinav told ” You said once Google can give any answers for any questions. Now you are saying it is not”. He did not wait for my answer and started to his school.

Lord Shiva and Brahma
Courtesy: Google



Mushroom at our office campus

We hang out  and usually make fun out of everybody during lunch hours. The consequences are sometime high too. Since it is monsoon time, i spotted beautiful mushroom in our hangout place.


Why like this?

It is really difficult to teach present generation kids because of their IQ and their questioning skills. Especially Abhinav has extra ordinary questioning skills and he put me in mute most of the time. When i was teaching him about animals in Tamil, he asked me as below.

Goat         – ஆடு 

Goat Kid – ஆட்டுக்குட்டி  why not ஆடுக்குட்டி  …………….

என்னால் பதில் சொல்ல முடியவில்லை. அது அப்படித்தான் என்று சொல்லிவிட்டேன்.

Goat and Kid

Dog Bite – First Aid and Treatment

Recently Abhinav became victim of dog bite and he is having fear of dogs now. Three weeks before, Abhinav was running on street and two dogs chased him and made some scratches in his thigh. Priya was insisting not to run on the street and enjoy the cycling. But young Abhinav always listens to his instinct and he became dog bite victim.

Since he was under shock of dog chase, he could not remember exactly whether dog bite him or scratched him by nails. Though it looks like scratch to me, But Doctor said to me below as it is old saying.

” Cat scratches ; Dog bites ” –   ” பூனை பிராண்டும்; நாய் கடிக்கும் “

Instead of waiting and doing research on how it happened, Doctor advised to go for three dose vaccination . He did get vaccination and he is happily roaming around and following his instincts gain.

First Aid Treatment: (Source: google)

First Aid for Dog Bite

Based on type of exposure, the treatment is classified. (Source: GSK)

Dog Bite.jpg
Recommended Tratment for Dog bite

What to do? (Source:

How to Prevent from Bitten?

The post can help people instead of getting panic, how to approach for First Aid, Treatment and Prevention.

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