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April 2016

பண்டு and குடை

It is another good way to access insider data if your spouse works there. Ohh, it is illegal. But still i got  access of  Abhinav 1st standard exam papers. Priya had a quick look of Abhinav Tamil Paper and she gave me few Abhinav’s mischievous writing.


Write words which are ending with –ண்டு.
-Abhinav wrote as பண்டு.
In Tamil, there is no such word. But in Telugu, Fruit is called as பண்டு. So he wrote as பண்டு for the words which are ending with ண்டு. That’s another problem if you speak multiple languages at home / society. Small minds tend to confuse certain time. Actually even big mind does.

2. Question

Pl write Equivalent Tamil meaning of English words.

Answer should be குடை.
But Abhinav wrote as அம்பெர்லா which is Tanglish. Most of the times, we use English words at home and kids tend to forget the real Tamil words. Thats how, our language fluency is getting coorupted.


Global Warming and Climate Change

It is been long break and Lazy enough to write. Ahh, i have excuse of Summer. Global warming is really impacting all the lives of planet. Unusual floods, record high ambient temperature, frequent earth quakes, drought, sudden volcano eruption…..what else…you want to add Terror attack also….which all together taking lives in mass and creating unbalance…
I was blaming us by quoting all above. Quickly Abhinav replied, ” It is not We daddy, it is environment killing all of us“. So don’t blame us. Though we are the reason, why not Mother earth can take other routes to create balance?
Because we are less innovative and big lazy to find alternatives of environment friendly or go live like old ways. Or in few years, People will be fighting each other to grab land space in North & South pole…that’s the only place, we may have peaceful temperature to live.
Few more Interesting pictures:

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