Solar system is the topic of study in Abhinav Class. Infact, Abhinav Teacher requested for any study material among students. Abhinav quickly stood up and replied ” My encylopedia has details about solar system”. Two days passed.
Yesterday Abhinav’s Teacher called Priya as fellow teacher and informed that ” Abhinav is arguing with me regarding Sun rotation”. 
Abhinav’s Teacher: I checked in all available books and other 1st grade teacher. Books dont have that particular details about Sun rotation. Other teacher also confirmed that Sun is static and it dont rotates.
Priya: No Madam. Abhinav is right and he has one solar system puzzle game where it is mentioned. Still, I will google and confirm with you.
Finally google confirms the Sun rotation.

The rotation of the Sun is kind of hard to pin down. A spot on the equator of the Sun takes 24.47 days to rotate around the Sun and return to the same position. Astronomers call this sidereal rotation period, which is different from the synodic period – the amount of time it takes for a spot on the Sun to rotate back to face the Earth. But the Sun’s rotation rate decreases as you approach the poles, so it can actually take 38 days for regions around the poles to rotate once

Abhinav felt happy. But we instructed him that ” dont argue in simple manner but quote your source and ask your teacher to verify it”

PS: Abhinav likes Space, Galaxy, Sun….etc. He want to go Jupiter for Holidays…