Abhinav naturally good with numbers and he surprises us with his smart answers in fraction of time. I always assume that it was inherited from me, Priya and our forefathers. Abhinav tortured Priya for joining IMO ( International Mathematics Olympiad); but Priya was not comfortable for two factors.
1. Abhinav is very poor in accepting defeats / failures
2. Its very short duration to train him for exam and it will be stressful
As usual Abhinav won it. he enrolled his name on october and exam is scheduled on December. School gave IMO book distribution on December second week ( right after Floods). Abhinav and Priya went to Bangalore for 2 weeks vacation due to Chennai Floods. They came back to chennai just a week before exam and Abhinav got real training only for mere 2 days. We were not very seious because he did not like to take that. If he is interested, he draws / swims/ read/ listen for few hours. if not, it is just few minutes.
Here is the IMO result which declared day before yesterday. 
Yeah, Yes. 
Abhinav Won State/Zonal Gold medal for excellence and he is ranked # 20 on International Level.
Priya and Me were happiest person on earth.
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Class 1 Sample Question paper for IMO.

IMO Syllabus for First Class: