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December 2015

Wishing you a Very Happy New year

Don’t forget the past, learn from it. Happy New Year “
” Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter”
” Happy New Year 2016 “



Photo – Dupe – Sketch

Abhinav Photo 

Abhinav Pencil Sketch

Abhinav Hand Sketch

India’s PSLV Lanuch

 India’s workhorse rocket, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV, successfully placed six satellites from Singapore in orbit after launching from Indian Space Research Organisation’s space port in Sriharikota 16th Dec, 2015 evening.

The distance between Chennai and Sriharikota is around 110 Km. I was able to capture the PSLV launch route from my office. Below are few pictures.

Courtesy: Me
Courtesy: Me

Courtesy: thehindu

Abhinav – Playing With Printer

During Chennai Flood / Heavy Rain time, I moved all my ground touching parts in house on top of Dining Table, Cot, Chair, Table….etc. I did ensure most of the parts (99%) have a ground Clarence of at least 1 feet ( except for Refrigerator and UPS Battery). 
After climate return to normal condition, I was moving all parts to regular place. When i was moving our Multi function Printer, abhinav wanted to understand the functionality of it.
He asked me What is Print? What is copy? what is Scan? based on the LCD indication. I tried to explain better way. Still he is not convinced, how it is reading it? How it is writing it?
I am not able to explain the technology better way…….My Lack of understanding……

Few Pictures:

Fish Name in English & Tamil

Many times we will be searching Fish name in English. It happened when we are reading some diet / Nutrient / Health care relates articles, watching new recipes, buying at non home state / country….etc. Below is the list of Fish name in English & Tamil.

Source: Google, Tamilcube

Chennai Rains

Just to Update my Blog Followers.
I am Safe and Fine.
My Area is very good and no water stagnation except few low laying houses. Our Area has acces to Food, water and Milk. Power also Restored from Today. But past 3 days, No Power, No Mobile Signal and No Road Connectivity.
It is a House Arrest….
Still No Mobile Signal in our Area.
But Data Card is working from Today Morning.  While Writing this, it is raining again.
“Wrath of God”

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