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November 2015

Abhinav – Little Hand Majic – Part 2

Abhinav’s few more Master Pieces (Part 1)

Marina Beach – Redefined

Flowers with Gold and silver Petal


Abhinav – Little Hand Majic – Art & Craft

Abhinav got very Long Extended Holidays from Diwali. His School ground Floor is submerged in Water  and School is taking all the necessary steps to restore it. But Mother Nature has upper hand so far.
During His Holidays, Abhinav Demonstrated his Art and Craft Skills. Few of his Master Piece are given Below.

Waste Cloth Becomes Happy Family

Abhinav thoughts on Swach Bharat
With Consolation Prize in Global Art Competition

House Preparation from Amazon Shipping Box

Mahilmathi Palace
Courtesy: Baahubali Movie

Next Gen Humanoid Robot
Why limit to Clean India? It is Clean World.

Chennai – Became Island – ChennaiRains

My Observations on Chennai Rains

  • Technically 10cm in 45 minute rain is very rare occurrence which happened Yesterday in Chennai
  • Last week Rain almost shown the Poor Urban planning and Power of Mother Nature
  • Most of the Buildings / Houses in New Urban areas were built on Ancient Pond, Lake or River Bank which caused more damages to Regular Life
  • Most of existing Lake, Pond, Rivers are running fully and excess water is been released which is another issue on Land encroached areas. 
  • Greedy Realtors did not build the house based on IS standards or National Building Code of India
  • Due to Metro and Other Major Infrastructure Projects joined the turmoil of Commuters along with Rain
  • Corporation facilitating the Roads for each  part of City But it impacts the Total level of the Street and many of Old houses already 2 to 3 feet below the newly constructed Road
  • Most of Old Houses are with Garden which are seriously affected because Land is not able to take that much downpour in short time
  • Houses with Well are another soft target because the Water level raised almost 95% of well which is equivalent to ground level. So Poor flooring leads to small water spring across houses
  • Most of the Apartment Lifts are starting from Ground Floor; Hence Lifts are not operational which affected mainly Elders, Kids and Ladies. Because climbing more than 2 times of 10-15-20 floors to reach home is challenging task and sometimes impossible
  • Most of the New Urban areas are submerged under water stagnation almost upto Hip Level which has no space for draining due to No drainage system.
  • Millipede, Centipede, Insects and other living things became immigrants to the Houses and it became many allergy, serious injury, sick….etc
  • Open Potholes, Unclosed Borewell, Construction site without Signboard were potential dangerous places
  • Availability of Medicine, Food and Milk became changeable and most of the Rain affected area people were moved to Government Camps
  • Media People help on propagating the Rain impacts and Holiday announcement were Fast and Crisp. But Media lags to share Hot line number if water entry to House, Insects entry, Nearest Camps, Food Availability, Traffic Update and Emergency Number. Media is using Rain Damage as Political Weapon for forthcoming election. It shows the state of our Media and People Interest. 
  • Septic Tank Cleaning service inflated their price and most of Stagnated water is finding way Entry to Septic Tank. From Rs 700 to Rs 1000.
  • Vegetables prices are touching skies and Tomato is selling 60-120 per Kilo gram based on Rain and Transportation. Online Portals such as Grofers, Peppertap, Big Basket are sometimes reasonable than nearest kirana shops
  • Local Train Services and Inter State train Services are affected heavily. Many Trains are cancelled / Postponed. For the Safety of Peoples, It is mandatory. But we need to improve the Station Amenities in case of worst case scenario like these.
  • Most of Army, CISF,NGO, Individuals, Political Parties joined along with Govt for Rescue Operation
  • Mosquitos became very happy for most of water stagnation and we became victim for that. 
  • It is Big Lesson for the State to handle next Worst case Scenario
PS: In thiru Kanitha Panjangam, it is clearly mentioned that This year (Manmatha Varusam) is with Big Rains and Floods. 
PS: PS: it is my persona opinion and i want to record in blog.So i can see in future about what happened. it is not for discriminating others. 
Few Pictures (from Other website and my House)
My House

My House after Heavy Rain on 23rd Nov
Water from Chembarambakkam Lake in full flow at the Adyar River, near Saidapet. Photo: K. Pichumani
Courtesy: the Hindu

Google & GRT Jewellery

We planned to buy gold Pendant for Priya’s Birthday and We attempted to go to jeweler a day before Birthday. Abhinav Slept and we had delayed start.
I pinned on google Maps to go GRT Jewelry, T Nagar around 825PM. Upon clicking Navigation in App, Google Navigator suggested that as below.
GRT Jewelry, T Nagar

Opening time: 9am

Closing time:  9pm

” By the time you reach Jewelry, It will be closed; you want to proceed”

14.5% to 12 % 11%
Google Maps even calculates the live traffic delays in to account. 
Me and Priya wondered that How Technology simplifying our Problem and it helps to improve our life. We bought Pendant on the day of Birthday itself. Gold also down by Rs 15 per gram compare to previous day.  Lucky me.
But as usual, Jewelry charged Wastage on higher side due to Festival sale. 

Wastage as per Sticker:        14.5%
First Estimate by executive:  12%
Safari dress Person Corrected to 11% which is Final one.

They are providing equivalent weight of silver as per your gold purchase. It is just voucher and it is a Trap for buying more. the Voucher is useless unless you have an agenda of buying Silver. Voucher also has short validity.


Diwali 2015

This Year also Diwali Celebration is at Chennai and the climate is very Pleasant and  Rainy & Cloudy.

Igniting Atom Bomb 

  • As we prayed, Rain God stopped for a while as breather for enjoying Cracker in morning as well as evening. 
  • Oil bath is always tough one and Priya is very insistent on it. We all became victim of that.
  • Abhinav loved to play with Sound based crackers – more of 2 shots, Atom Bomb, Hitler Shot…etc. He is fearless and enjoyed making lot of Cracker noise
  • Home made sweets are always tasty and healthy. Priya made delicious Cashew nut cake and Kara Murruku. Me and Abhinav filled our stomach almost Sweet and Karam
  • Subbu & Family came to our House and we had fun time especially Kids. 
  • All Channels were shouting for their latest movie airing and it became easy for audience to kill the rest time.
  • No festival is complete with out Dr. Solomon Pappaiah Debate Show. Priya is strict follower of it. I always wonder the title selection is very biased to wards easy judgement and Why Speaker Raja is always in losing side though he is very good in arguing. 
  • Evening, there was a chase between Light and Sound in Crackers across Street & city. Abhinav is worried about Birds and he even asked ” Where it will go for a day?”
  • Abhinav was fearful in sparklers and Pencil. But he enjoyed Chattai, Flower Pot, Chakra and Color Changing Butterflies.
  • It was good celebration.
Ready for it
Igniting Crackers first in Street

Happy Family

Wish you a Very Happy Diwali

இனிய தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள்


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