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August 2015

Question of the Day

Abhinav used to ask Story before his sleep. We used to say some stories and Moral of the Story. When we are short of Story content, I used to allow Abhinav to ask Questions or Spell bee game. Yesterday, Abhinav Asked Two Questions. I were almost blinking. but somehow managed to answer it.

Two Questions:

Why Head Ache is Coming? Or What is the reason for Head Ache?

Whether Tree will die or Will it touch Sky due to endless growth? ( He also told ” not by Axe”. How tree will die?)

Me and Priya felt another Proud time. I answered him up to his satisfaction. But i also requested to ask him to his teacher.

Credit Card Late Payment Fee

Courtesy: google

I am using Credit Card from 2006. And I never failed in my monthly payment because of adverse consequences of Late payment and “Guilty Feeling”.
But in last few years, if anybody defaults in their outstanding payment, it is been reported to CIBIL for our credit score mandate. It will decide the Credit score of Person.

Last month, somehow i forgot to pay my HSBC Credit card Bill. It slipped away from my mind. The interest rate for that punishment is 3.3% per month which is 39.6% per Annum. Also Credit Card Service providers starts adding Interest on rolling basis. Hence i come to know my due from next bill which is also added with interest.

“Last Month Bill with Interest + Latest Month bill amount with Interest + Late Payment charge + Service Tax on each line items on interest for each month and Late fee “

Upon Receipt of My Bill, I said exactly ” Oh My God” and Felt very bad for my memory even with remainder in Mobile. I thought of sending an email to HSBC ” requesting for Reversal by clearing immediate all dues”. I did send to them.

HSBC replied to my email as below.

However, it has always been our constant endeavor to provide the best services to our customers; hence, as a service gesture we have arranged to reverse the late payment charge of INR 400.00 alongwith the service tax levied on your card account and the same will reflect in the subsequent statement “

I really surprised to see their caring tendency towards Customer. I decided not to delay in future. 
We cant use Goodwill as tool every time. 

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