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April 2015

Why few People has Six Fingers ?

Abhinav asked me a Question while driving. ” Why few people has Six Fingers ?” it was his second comment about Six fingers.( first one link – Click here)

Source: Google Image
I told him that ” it is due to growth of additional finger while they are inside in their mothers stomach”. I did not tell that it is mutation , genetic issue  and polydactyly because he is still very small to digest such a complex terms. (me too !!!) . I thought i answered him upto his expectations.

Again he asked me ” Why it is growing?”
So i extended my explanation such as ” if any one parent has the same issue, then baby also can get one”. 

Source: Google Image
Again he asked me ” How it is possible for baby inside mothers stomach if his Father has six fingers?”.

I started blinking. He was right on point to understand the connection between baby and father. But it is too early to educate him about it. So I told him that’s Nature.

PS: Me and Priya wondered and “how Children can think out of box thinking and ask always relevant questions ?”


Shimla – Manali Trip -Last Part

Continuation of Shimla Manai Trip ( for Part1Part 2Part 3 & Part 4).

Day 6:
It was Local city Tour.
We covered following Places.
  • Hadimba Devi Temple  – Must see Place and Location is very quiet and great climate.
  • Ghatotkacha  Temple – just nearby to Hadimba devi temple
  • Vashisht Hot Water Springs – Must enjoy place and you can feel power nature
  • Club House – real dungeon, No need to go
  • Tibetan monastery – Very Beautiful temple with surrounded by “Mantra” bells
  • Van Vihar – Tall Trees with broken kid’s play arena
  • Mall Road Shopping – shopping can be done but ” Negotiate” because most of them are not original

Day 7:
We checked out Snow Valley Resorts, Manali and Started towards Manikaran in Toyota Etios. It needs Special driving Skills to go Manikaran right after Rainy day. Because the Road was very pathetic and Land slide is biggest threat. But Our Driver is really great with lots of local information. Manikaran was really great place with Sooper Hot Spring. I was told that  Hot Spring  has power of Radioactive and Sulphur in it and it cures lot of Skin disease & Joint pains. Snow Valley Resort packed Sandwich as breakfast. Abhinav is not feeling good and he was having vomiting sense. 

After Manikaran, we drove to Chandigarh. It was long, tired, unpleasant journey; I wish there should be Air way. Abhinav vomited right after Lunch.  He was having indigestion issue. Reached chandigarh around 9pm. Checked in at Hotel Sun Park. We were given Break fast, Dinner Token as advance though we are eligible for break fast only. Hotel Room was not tidy and Toilet was having cockroaches. But Bed was big and comfortable.

Day 8:
Abhinav felt little Better and We checked out Hotel and proceeded towards sightseeing. Hotel has provision to keep Luggages and we utilised the option. we had flight at 1PM to Bangalore and We had 3 hours to roam Around chandigarh. We booked Ola Cab for Drop at Sukhana Lake since Hotel travel desk was charging around Rs 1500 for full day sightseeing. Since the boating was stopped, we spent few minutes at Lake and spoke to Tamil speaking old women. We enjoyed tender coconut. We used Battery operated Public Vehicle  for Rock Garden drop. Thanks to Government for promoting Pollution free transportation.

Abhinav enjoyed Rock garden and It was really amazing that ” all waste become tourist attractive statues “. Since we had limited time, we skipped Phase 3 and booked Ola cab to pick up our luggages from Hotel and Drop to Airport. Reached Chennai around 7Pm after 8 days Journey into Snow World.

Thanks to Air Asia, GOIBIBO and Himachal Tourism for your Service. We planned next trip to Sri Lanka ( International Trip). It all depends on Budget and Discounts.

Photo Collage Courtesy:

O Kadhal Kanmani

Last Saturday, We had a chance to see O Kadhal Kanmani. It was really fun event. Because, it was decided based on lot of Complicated background situations ( i Cant disclose in Public forum). My Family, Mr.Arul Vijay Joshua Family, Mr. Arun PR and Mr. Kishor Kumaar (my office Colleagues) were went to see the OK Kanmani movie which was directed by Great Mani Ratnam. My thought to see that film was to enjoy PC Sriram cinematography and AR Rahman Music.

Courtesy: Google Images

Since it was wekend and decided at very last moment, we did not get ticket in Multiplexes, but we got in Devi Karumari Complex. Theatre was very old junkie building. Theatre has Three screens        (Devi Karumari, Sakthi Karumari & Annai Karumari). We were told as ” Annai Karumari is Air Conditioned and Digital Surround system screen”. Ofcourse, it was Air Conditioned by Split AC ( not centralized) and DTS system but the hall is not meant for Acoustic. The Seats are not on ramping hence last row people has to optimize the tilt angle of their neck to reach screen view.

Courtesy: Google Image
In my Opinion, the Movie was not good family entertainer. But My Favourite Music Director and  Camera Man did their Job very fantastic, I enjoyed even in the worst screen & sound place. Lead Hero Acted very well. I liked the Climax scene because it was stood with our Culture. 
After Returning home, Abhinav commented that ” For next one year, Don’t take me to any Loving Movie, it is full of kissing“. Five year old boy commented in his style. Me and Priya Laughed.

PS: So lazy to Update Blog. Sorry Friends.

Shimla – Manali Trip – Part 4

Continuation of Shimla Manai Trip ( for Part1, Part 2 & Part 3 ).

Day 4:

Started Early to Avoid Rush @ Solang Valley. We paid very high cost for Skiing, Zorbing Activity due to our lack of Hindi Language Skills and Our Driver intention of getting more commission. Paid around Rs 4000 for guide, Skiing (3 Persons), Skiing Dress, Shoes, 2 Tube Sliding & 2 Zorbing balls, Rs 400 for Kids Paragliding. But if i forget the inflated cost, it is worth place to enjoy one hundread percent Fun, Fun and Funno Fun. Abhinav reacted like Free electron, he simply ignored all restrictions and enjoyed each and every bit.
We heard that Solang Valley is No ice place in summer and Rohtang Pass will be full Ice place for all fun activities. People are chasing for Local Traditional dress photo Shoot, White Rabbit photo shoot and other fun activities.
On the way, we filled our Water bottle in Nehru Kund. the water was so natural , tasty and cold. We stopped at Dhaba for Lunch though we had Soup and Momos at Valley. Reached Hotel at 4 pm and had fun time in Billards, Table Tennis, Carrom and Disco room

Few Pictures

Day 5:
Started early at 830AM for Sight Seeing @ Jagatsukh, Naggar castle  and Roerich art gallery. Jagatsukh is old capital of Kullu. Jagtsukh Shiva Temple is very ancient and part of ASI which is built during 8th Century. Gayathri Devi temple said to be very old from Pandava time. The Temple Tree is very Tall and widespread. It was without any leaves during our visit.

After Temple Visit, We headed to Roerich Art Gallery. The Ambient Temperature was around 6-10 Degree C. Nagger Castle and Roerich Gallery was on top of the Hill and it was well located for Peaceful Art works. Galeery was with lot of Historic Moments and Art about Mountains, their Family history and their Collection. It was very steep and low oxygen area to reach their museum. Though it was drizzling, We three climbed uphill to see Museum. 

Nagger Castle

The Castle was converted into a rest house, a hundred year back and in 1978 this ancient building was handed over to HPTDC to run as a heritage hotel. This medieval Castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu around 1460 A.D. The hotel overlooks the Kullu Valley and apart from the spectacular view and superb location this has a flavour of authentic western Himalayan architecture. Here, a gallery houses the paintings of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. 
It was Fantastic that there is no joining material between Wood and Stone. Still it stands taller. It is must see place for any civil & Architectural lovers. We were drenched during visit. 

After Lunch @ Dhaba, we reached Hotel and Enjoyed spending time in Recreational Activities of Indoor Games in our Resort.

Day 6, 7 and 8 will be the Last part which will be continued.

Shimla – Manali Trip -Part 3

Continuation of Simla-Manali Trip. (Part 1, Part 2)
Day 2:
We headed to Naldhera after our Lunch. Abhinav started complaining about roti’s getting habitual. We had Horse Ride in Naldhera with few scenic view points, Crossing beautiful green Golf stadium, Far away road in Himalyas, Also said to be chin border behind the Hill and few temples. this horse Ride was completely different from Kufri one. This one was felt extremely safe and Horses are in very good condition & charges also less (Rs 780).

My Queen Priya and Prince Abhinav
@ Naldhera, Shimla

Shimla Apple Orchids

  On the way, we have seen Many Apple Orchids which are having only skeleton. Due to Non Season, the Apple Trees are like it is growing in drought / dessert. All Orchids are guarded by Trained Dogs. We stopped for medical Shop to buy Anti Vomiting tablets, Strepsils, Lipcare…etc for tomorrows ride for Kullu & Manali. Priya has Cough continuously through out the Tour whereas Abhinav recovered from it. Had Dinner at Hotel Kapil and Slept peacefully. 

Day 3:
Checked out Hotel Kapil with very tasty Break Fast and Hot Masala Tea. Headed To Manali with plan of Rafting at Kullu and Shopping at Babeli. The Road was really messy in half of the path. But We enjoyed Pandoh Dam, Aut Tunnel and Beautiful Beas River chasing all the way. Stopped for Lunch near Mandi and had Roti & Dal. On the way we worshipped Hanogi Mata and Headed to Kullu Rafting. Time was around 4PM and paid for Private Raft with a Guide ( No Sharing). We Paid Rs 2500 for 6Km Stretch on Private Raft.

3Km, Aut Tunnel
Pandoh Dam
Beas River and Dam Reservior in BG
Hanogi Mata Temple

Taller Than Mountain
At Kullu Rafti Point (Jihiri)
Fantastic Maiden Experience

Ready for Rafting
Prize Table for Rafting

My Rafter Told me to dive into Beas River. Though I dont know Swimming, I dived into river where Currents are less. Life-vest is strong enough to float me. During Rafting, We were Drenched fully and synchronized with water temperature. So I could not feel worst during my dive. Rafting Complex has well maintained Change rooms which were very clean and tidy. After changeover, We had Hot Chai and Pani Poori to fight back the Shivering temperature. 
Then We started towards Manali and stopped for Winter cloth Purchasing at Babeli. It was expensive even after discount. My wife was impressed with Pakshmina, the original one was costing around Rs 8000 and above. After seeing Pakshmina, she wanted only it and she can wait for it also. We bought woollen cap, Shawls, Sweater for Abhinav, Gloves…etc for worth of Rs 4000. Later reached Manali around 8PM. Checked in at Snow Valley Reort and accommodated at Presidential Suite. Room was good and clean. Rest room is really pathetic design. Had good dinner and Slept like ” there is no tomorrow”. Room Heater comforted us.

Part 4 will be continued.

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