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March 2015

Friends Get Together – Part 2

Fiends Get Together Continuation ( Part 1 – click here)

Arignar Anna Zoological Park on 5 Jan 2014:

after Meet, below is the email content.

Ramesh Babu, Priyadarshini, Sadhana
Subburaj, Gandhimathi, Hariis
Syed, Mrs. Syed, Mohamad
Boss, Mrs.Boss, Rittique keshav
Karthik, Priya, Abhinav
Enjoyed Zoological Park. All animals are scared to see us bcos we rocked.
Travel Sponsor:   Syed
Food Sponsor:     Babu
My family and Subbu family missed Lion safari due to Both our better halves were damn tired. Subbu wife- 6 month carrying. Priya and Abhinav to start for the school at 745am. So we missed it.
Syed gave us imported Perfumes ( from france, USA..etc)
Harris, Abhinav and Mohamad are real partners…enjoyed together.
Sadhana and Keshave are partners…..

We had fun time. 

@ Food Court
Playful Harris and Subbu
Three Killadi
during farewell

At Train.
Thats it ! Mohamed

 Guindy National Park on March 1, 2015:

Sundar Family
Ramkumar Family
Vignesh Kanna Family
Karthikraja Family

Vignesh was very Puntual, then Ram , me and Last Sundar joined. I was mostly with Prihath Kantha who is very calm and quite. Abhinav, Grahesh, Anirudh and Shashank had a real funtime. They played with Deer and feeding them. Sundar came with mini snack shop. Prihath was so eager to climb the rope one. Abhinav punctured his pants with nail on the pole. Anirudh was so careful with animals. we all had good sweets and soft drinks. Vicky got us dates and choclates & Deep Heat Ointment. Abhinav gave to all kutties a small gift ( Crayons and Lollipop).

For lunch, we went to Dimora Restaurant and had Good food. All kutties are making soooper noise and dictating the Hotel environment.  Few photographs.

With Prihath
Feeding Deers
Ani, Abhi and Aditya

@ Dimora Resturant
Selfie stars
Better Halves
Big Selfie


Friends Get Together

We started Get Together arrangement  post college in one common location where most of them can join and have fun. It happened few years before and almost we were Bachelors and Participated for True Relationship and remembering colourful memories.

The Real Happiness
@ Mayajaal
@ Cricket Field
@ Lunch

 Last Get together was @ Mayajal on 1st January 2008. If my memory serves rightly, we were 22 members and contributed Rs 950 per head which included welcome drink, bowling, karting, all Indoor games, High Tea & snacks. It was really great fun. Afterwards, there were small get together with friends as accidental and planned. But those were not exactly like first one.

Again in Chennai @ Amir House on Sep 22, 2013:
We had another Get together at Amir’s Home in 2013. We were 5 Families ( Amir, Sundar, Ramesh, Arun Prasad, Padmanarayanan and Myself). Except me and AP, all are present with their Full Family. Amir wife and RB wife prepared Varieties of Veg and Non Veg food. We had a Gala time after very very long time. Saadhvin, Abhinav, Grahesh and Sadhana had fun time.
Kids were really enjoyed all Saadhvin Toys and Cars movie @ TV. Bedroom AC was running continuously and we were pulling each person legs by cracking old jokes.
Email Shared right after next day of get together:

·        Almost all famous  Anjappar Recipes  @ house ( Courtesy: Lalitha Amirdharaja). Fish fry was so good because It is pomfret.
·        Amir guided all incoming since it was located little inner though it is part of Chennai corporation
·        Amir Family, Sundar Family, Babu Family, Padhu family, AP, Me& Abhinav were present
·        Sundar family joined little later because of sudden Movie booking by his wife office colleagues
·        We had two time “Pandhi” due to easeness and hungerness
·        Everbody had Fantastic and delicious Meal Except babu. ( Babu was fasting yesterday for ………..)
·        Bluestar was running continuously from morning. It shown its reliability
·        Sadhvin’s Toys were enjoyed by Grahesh, Abhinav and Sadhana.  Age figures are approximate to make commonness of 0.5. Abhinav and Grahesh were fighting and we had a fun time of panchayat..especially Grahesh mom. Me and Padhu were enjoying in sidelines. Sadhana was so cute and she is happy to see all naughtiness of her brothers
o   Sadhana               –              0.5 old
o   Sadhvin-                              1.5 old
o   Grahesh-                              2.5 old
o   Abhinav-                              3.5 old
·        After a superb meal, few families had Phoenix mall visit.

At My House on Oct 19, 2013:
Again we planned @ Oct 2013 at my house. Below is the mail copy after our meet.

·        Pandi Arrived 11am. Tamil Iniya and her mother had a tough time on Chennai’s weather.
·        Boss came with family on 1145 am. Rittiq Keshav is so active and he is just opposite of (old) boss.
·        Padma Narayanan came from Office. Thx to L&T for such a long lunch break.
·        Amir came with family around 1pm. His parents were at home, made the little delay.
·        Abhinav, Nishant, Rittiq and sadvin had a sportive race on securing their toys. Nishant had a upper hand. Sadvin is quite after seeing them. But rittiq is just an explorer and had a great fun of exploring the house. He smiles rarely but so good with his smile.
·        Tamil Iniys is so cute and she is calm and quiet.
·        Had Lunch around 130pm. (Sprout, Potato kootu, Appalam, Sweet, Briyani, Rasam , white rice, Curd, Raitha).Padma left since office called him.
·        Subbu came around 230pm; Subbu wife had a checkup at hospital which made little delay. And they had a lunch. Harris took upper hand now and everybody gave up on Harris way of work.
·        Chilled at room and made fun. Had a call with Ravi, smitha and Raja kumar. 
·        Spend some time at outside of the house. Pandi became train engine and all kids followed him. Abhinav synched with pandi very much.
·        BSA Flora cycle in competition for all kids. They had fun with one round for each. Road was very new and kids had   good ride.
·        Had Tea.
·        Sadvin was feeling sleepy and He became adamant for getting cycle. and it made amir to go home.
·        Boss also refreshed and started.
·        Subbu also started after a long fight between him and Harris for bicycle. He shown his full energy. Priya was surprised to see harris anger.
·        Me, pandi, nishant and Abhinav went to park. they enjoyed.
PS: It was very big achievement for Priya. I took leave ( first time in L&T…) for assisting her though I contributed very little. She never cooked for large audience and it is first time. Thanks to Boss wife, she helped a lot for Priya. Priya was telling atleast three times that night. In between, My brother also shown up with up any notice with his friend; we sent him to hotel for dinner. We need to appreciate Amir wife , because she took such a burden of cooking Non Veg. Wow, she is really hard working and she might be having good patience. Right pair for amir.

I have only this much photos, remaining all videos da.

Shimla – Manali Trip – Part 2

It is the continuation of our recent Shimla – Manali Trip post. As i shared my Trip moments last year of our Singapore-Malaysia, i like to present for Shimla-Manali-Chandigarh Trip.

After Shopping @ Mall Road, Shimla

Day 1:

@Chennai Airport
@Mall Road, Shimla
Boarded on-time Ola cab for reaching Chennai Airport to catch Bangalore bound Jet Airways flight. We were served inflight meals as per order. I tried Jain Meal which is very tasty and i will select the same in my next jet flight. Abhinav is so excited to see ice and he has been asking when will reach destination. Landed Bangalore safely in 50 minutes and spoke to our Chandigarh pick up driver for synchronization. Took mini Tiffin at Malgudi meals @ Bangalore Airport and boarded AirAsia Chandigarh Flight. Bought Paper Boat JalJeera which was priced Rs 70 (inflight) whereas Spar Mall is selling at Rs 26.6 (almost three times). reached Chandigarh 10 minutes earlier then ETA. Lot of Air Fighters, Military Cargo Carriers and Choppers welcomed in Chandigarh airport ( Not Civil Airport). Our Driver caught us and we started to Shimla in Toyota Etios Go. Sedan is so comfortable and we took pitstop for Lunch after an hour. Enjoyed Dhaba food and Reached Shimla around 530PM. It was very tireful travel from morning 530AM to 530PM. Hotel Kapil warmly greeted and we have been allotted Family suite @ Rs 2860 with Complimentary Breakfast (including Taxes). After few hours rest, we had walk in Mall Road and Ridge. Priya commented that ” typical Shopping Mall has more shops in one building, where as Mall road has single shop in both side of street”. Thats True, it is like typical MG Road in bangalore, T Nagar in Chennai, Lakshmi Road in Pune. Since we dont know Hindi, we did bargain at one shop for buying Gloves and Wollen Cap for figting 6 DegC winter. We had enough clothing but we are wrong. we need more to fight. All South Indians will have issue to fight freezing winter and cold breeze. Family Suite consists of 2 rooms for accommodating 2 family. Beds are heated by electric blanket to keep us warm. Thats was new for us. Hotel Kapil is just few meters away from Mall Road and Raddison Jazz Hotel.

Day 2:
Woke up morning to enjoy the Snow and had hot Masala Tea. Due to sudden drop in temperature, it was snowing in night. Our driver reported ontime and we started for Kufri which is coolest place in Shimla (9000 feet elevation) with little snow activities. On the way to Kufri, we can see snow bordered roads and corner tea/pani poori shops. Our Hotel told us that we can reach kufri point by walk also. But we chosen Horse Rode it costs us Rs 750 per head including Safety winter Shoes. Horse ride was thrilling and Fantastic because the Road was so ugly and steep. We wondered “thats why Car Engines are measured in Horse Power”

@ Kufri (Yaks are on background)
Sunny Cold @ Kufri
On the Way to Kufri
@ Kufri

We played Ice throw and Ice Slide activity. I felt heart beat was faster than normal. Abhinav did not show any shivering though it was extreme low Temperature. There was Telescope point and we felt it is not worth for money; so we skipped it. there were two Temples and small shops around. Even @ 9000 feet elevation, Vodafone Signal was 100% and Tele Towers are powered by Solar Panel. Kufri Lighting also powered by Solar Street Lights. I was so happy that i am in Solar field.

@ Green Valley

After Kufri, we headed for Green Valley. It is like pit-stop. At that point of view, You can all see the Valley with full of Pine Trees (Mostly). It was very beautiful view and people loves to see more and more. Abhinav got pink candy. Then We headed for Naldhera which has Scenic View & Forest Hores Ride. On the Way to Naldhera, we had Lunch. I will Continue in next post.

Shimla & Manali Trip

We had Family Vacation to India’s one of the most visited Place which is Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Manikaran and Chandigarh. Himachal is really blessed with Mother Nature in many ways. Living there needs special survival skills which will be big minus for visitors.I Planned for 8Days / 7 Nights.
I planned to visit during March because  

  • Possible Less crowd due to exam time 
  • No Snowing ( hard winter less than Zero Deg cant be tolerated so easily)
  • No Monsoon (Roads will be closed anonymously due to rock fall)
  • Non Peak Season ( Hotel, Taxi and Flights will be cheaper)
  • Last but not the Least, Anniversary gift to my beloved wife
  • But Rohtang Pass will not be opened (:( ) until June
Air Travel
AirAsia aired promotional offer for Jaipur and Chandigarh during August 2014. My wife is not interested to go Jaipur due to Hot climate. Just reaping the promotional benefit, finally closed the deal of  Total cost as Rs. 20000 for 3 persons which includes up & down from Chennai to Chandigarh via Bengaluru.
Boarding & Lodging
Goibibo aired their promotional offer for all Hotels across India with 45% discount. My Total cost of Hotel/Resort @ Shimla (2 Nights), Manali (4 Nights) and Chandigarh (1 Night) was Rs 19000.
During normal booking it would have been Rs.29000+.
Taxi for Local Sightseeing and Transfers
Since it is non peak season,I got a better deal of Total Rs 16000 which includes all transfer from my home. ( Home to Chennai Airport, Chandigarh to Shimla, Shimla Sightseeing, Shimla to Manali, Manali Sightseeing, Manali to Manikaran to Chandigarh, Chandigarh Sight seeing & Airport, Chennai Airport to Home). Travel partners are Great Himalayan Travels & Ola Cabs.
(PS: will share Photos and Tour Tips in next post)

Interesting Questions

Abhinav’s curious Questions

·       Why not Heroout?

ü  Abhinav asked Priya that “You are saying Hero & Heroine are acting in Movies”. But it should be HeroOut for Boy; because you are saying HeroIn(e) for Girl.
·       Why “no” Gents Finger?

ü  Okra also called Ladies Finger.
ü  Abhinav is little disappointed and asked Priya that “ why not Gents Finger as name for Okra? My finger also similar like yours.

Is Mosquito Wild animal?

Abhinav has in his mind as ” Wild animals are meat eaters / blood drinkers / human attackers”. It looks like His School / Me / Priya projected wild animal concept in this manner.

Courtesy: Google

So he asked me couple of days before ” Is Mosquito Wild Animal?”

I replied him that why are you asking?

Because it drinks our blood.

I said “NO”.

Then, “Is it wild Insect?”

I was blinking again. New Concept ” Wild Insect” coined by Abhinav. Another Proud Moment.

Courtesy: Google

What is the difference between Wild and Domestic Animals?
·       Wild animals live without direct influence from the human whereas domestic animals live under the care of humans.
·       Aggression is higher among wild animals than in domestic animals.
·       Domestic animals are trained to obey the human commands but not the wild animals.
·       The number of wild species is much higher than the domesticated number.
·       Wild animals are pests of agriculture, but domestic animals are friends of agriculture.
·       Domestic animals are useful for various anthropogenic activities but not the wild animals.
·       Anthropogenic activities may be mostly problematic for the wild animals, but domestic animals do not usually get disturbed from those.

(Source: google)

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