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February 2015

Language Fluency

Yesterday, Me, Priya and Abhinav had a long time at play ground. Abhinav had lot of company ( 6 Kids of Different age)  to play Foot ball, Ring Throw & Catch, Running Race, Blind Game and Shuttlecock. Atlast, All are tired and Abhinav did not want to leave ground.
We decided to play English word game Since all kids were tired and exhausted. First Person has to say English word and Second person says English word which starts with last letter of First Person English word and it  goes on as circular.
Courtesy: google
There are Two Kids who are in their High School ( 6th Standrd)  studying in Tamil Medium. They struggled lot to speak a word in English. Even When i was in 6th Standard, I would have also in same state. But i thought, Chennai vs Village will make sense in Teaching and Exposure. But it is same and few Govt School Teachers are spending 99% of their time for “Non Teaching Activities” which creates big impact on quality education.
But Abhinav is very good in that game but we need to help him with by telling last letter of his own word. 🙂

Pythagoras Theorem

Abhinav’s Favourite in chess is Queen, but he likes “Knight: very much. I asked him “why?”. He didn’t answer me. My guess is your guess. Our House ( rented) has tile flooring of 1.5mx1.5m sized creamy white tiles. 
Abhinav practised few chess movements on tile by asking me and Priya on other tiles ( like Harry Potter Movie). While doing this, He might observed few things about distance and movement.
Abhinav asked me ” Why the Distance is very more if we go to Destination tile by following Blue and Green indicated path?

Courtesy: Wikipedia

(Red, Green and Blue paths are drawn by me to explain better way)
He also asked me ” Is the distance same if i go to destination tile by following Red path and Blue Path?”
Me and Priya were stunned to react to this situation. This is what famous Greek “Pythagoras of Samos” Theorem. He belonged to 6th Century BC.
I tried to explain him about Pythagoras Theorem. But Abhinav is not interested to pay attention for my explanation. But he has attitude of asking right question on the subject. It was another proud moment for me and Priya.

L&T Annual Sports Day

Abhinav and Priya Participated in L&T Annual Sports day 2015. Few Interesting Moments

1. Kids events were well planned but the event instructor guides kids in English. But each kids speaks their own mother tongue. It was difficult for age group of 5-7. Other Kids able to follow English.

2. Abhinav imitated like frog in frog race but he was not able to control his nerve during Target line and started running to touch the line. So he was disqualified.

3. Abhinav participated in 30M running race in bare legs. He was running first till 25M and he stopped to see where other runners were. In few seconds, he became 4th. So he lost it.

4. Women employees did not register for Sports event and So sports committee decide to cancel all women’s event initially. But they started women’s events with Male employee’s Wife.

5. Priya Participated in three events and won prize in Two events.

  • 200M running race – Till 125M, Priya was first in running, but small stone took toll on her feet  and she slowed down. She came second at the End. – Won Silver Medal.
  • “Run with Abhinav on her Back” – Little Crazy event. But almost 15 brave mother ran with their kid on their back. Priya Came third and won Bronze Medal.
  • Short put – Priya did great throw but she was afraid of foul ( line cross). So she threw iron ball before a feet from the line. So She scored 6th position. if she would have thrown exactly, She would be first. Better luck next time.

6. As a finishing touch, “Silambattam” was organized. It was really great to see such a brave Tamilan Martial Art. They performed ” Kai Silambam”  as well as “Regular Silambam”. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I got hair rising across my body by thinking of Our ancient Tamil veterans Veeram.

7. Prize distribution was done by Mr. V. Raja – International Hickey Player based from Tamil Nadu distributed . He came along with his sister who is also International Hockey Player.

Few Pictures:

Abhinav & Akshaya with Medals


All Participants (5-7) age group

Abhinav won Second in ” Ball Pick & Place”

Priya Trying Short Put – see the distance from Line.

First Kolam (கோலம்)

Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes. Every morning, millions of women draw kolams on the ground with white rice flour. Through the day, the drawings get walked on, washed out in the rain, or blown around in the wind; new ones are made the next day. Every morning before sunrise, the floor of the owners house, or where ever the Kolam may be, is cleaned with water and the muddy floor swept well to create an even surface. 

Eventually rice Flour Kolam acts as food for Ants and other Insects.  Now a Days, Rice Flour is replaced by Chalk powder in most of the places due to various reasons. 

Ok. Long Story short. Abhinav tried his hand majic. His hand motoring skills did not help much on curvatures. But his eagerness made good one.

Courtesy: Abhinav 

Courtesy: Abhinav

Conflicts in Ancient Writing

அன்னையும் பிதாவும் முன்னெறி தெய்வம்    – ஔவையார்

(which means mother and father are the first Gods known to children)


அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு    –  திருவள்ளுவர்

(which means “As all letters have the letter A for their first, so the world has the eternal God for its first”)


மாதா பிதா குரு தெய்வம்   – சமஸ்க்ரிதம்

(Which means “First mother, then father, after father we place Guru and then only Deivam (God) comes”)


Abhinav is cornered me ” why The great saint Tamil poet Avvaiyar and Tamil Sage Thiruvalluvar Differs in their Opinion about God? “

It just came out his mouth as ” You told me sometime before Amma (Mom) is primary out of all Existence and God”, Now you are Saying ” God is Primary out of World”.  Teach me one thing and rightly.

I confused because Both are Unparalleled Tamil Poet. 

PS: I started Teaching Thirukural to Abhinav atleast 2 kural per week.

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