Last weekend, My Family along with Brother in Law Family (  to refine better – My Wife sister’s Family ) paid a visit to Guindy Children Park. Actual Plan was to go Kanchipuram Temple Visit; But due to necessity of Tatkal booking, Plan B is executed.

Dyslexia Words

Abhinav and his friends has a habit of reading reverse. if you ask him to point 31, he points to 13. if you ask him to read  the word CAT, he read as TAC. It happens say 20% of the time. Most of the Parents think that it may be Dyslexia. But it is not. If Reversal reading and writing happens most of the times, then better consult with Doctor. Also take feedback from Class teacher which will solidify it. Since Kids will develop their Motor Skills, Eye hand coordination skills….etc. in course of time, during that stage, it often happens. But parents should be vigilant enough to monitor it.

Spoon Bill
Ohh…I deviated from my topic and started writing about Medical stuff which i don’t know  much. In Guindy Park, Abhinav Spotted ” Spoon Bill catching the Fish for her breakfast” and started to tell its name as ” hmmmmmm….suddenly   Fish Kinger !!!”. 

He pushed his brain to work hard to get the name he remembers…But It is unfortunate that he got name wrongly. But Oxford should be happy enough to file ” another new word in english i.e Fish Kinger”.

King fisher becomes Fish Kinger !!!