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July 2014

Just One Nose- Mummy

Abhinav got cold from School / his classmate ( I guess). He has Tonsillitis issue (May be hereditary, My Mom, Me and My Bro all had Tonsillitis); He is very prone to cold if somebody sneezes, water change…etc. We are trying to increase his immunity by Honey, Tulsi and pepper…etc. Let’s come to real Fun dialogue.

Abhinav is very lazy for cleaning his running nose. Priya has to chase every time for cleanup of his nasal congestion and also for applying Vicks on his nose. During clean up, Priya mistakenly told that ” This nose is cleaned now; Show me other Nose”.

Abhinav replied in no time, Amma I am having just one nose which has two holes; so do not tell that “I am having two nose”.


Home Lighting System – Solar Energy

Solar Powered Home Lighting System:

At our Andipatti House, Solar Powered Home Lighting system was installed on Nov 7, 2009. Today is 15th July 2014 which gives 1711 days of working and still working without any issues.
Under Employee Scheme, I bought 40W Tata Power Solar (previously Tata BP Solar), Charge Controller, Battery, 1 ltr of Sulphuric Acid ( for refilling the Acid in Battery)and Four numbers of DC based CFL lamps.

4 lamps are fixed at Hall, Kitchen, Bedroom and Rest Room. After 5 years of Battery operation, it gave up its charging capacity hence replaced by new Battery (March 2014). Other than that there is no Maintenance work. It works and it is healthily provides Green energy. So far I saved following things

1. 1 Ton of CO2 emission
2. It is also equivalent to 1 tree planted and grown 10 years
3. 100 Liters of Diesel ( necessary to produce equivalent Electrical Energy)
4. Ofcourse Money. But I installed on the face of Environmental not Financial

Solar Module ( Abhinav Standing near by)

Solar Charge Controller and New Battery

DC based CFL Bulbs (Actually 4…)

Feeling proud for Contribution towards Environment.

Afraid of Cesarean

Priya’s Friend commented that Abhinav is having resemblance of Girls face and He will be loved much more if he would have born Girl. Actually there is a saying, Boys who has Mothers face resemblance & Girls who has Father’s face resemblance are very lucky ( Don’t know the source of saying).

Priya shared her above conversation with me yesterday.
Abhinav’s face was changing and he quickly replied that ” I will not be born as girl child “
Priya Asked Why?

Abhinav told ” if i would be Girl child, After i grow, Then my stomach will be cut for Baby birth”.
Me and Priya were blinking as usual. She do not have word to deny it because she passed all the pain.

There is also a fact in Google, Delivery pain is much higher than Burning alive in fire.

Calcium Supplement and Kidney Stone

Me and Priya had Annual Health Checkup at Sri Ramachandra Hospital last month ( Thanks to L&T’s care on employee and their family, but I wonder why L&T did not care about Abhinav :))
Both are having Normal profile…Nothing is alarming….But For me, I am having marginally poor LDL & HDL ratio. So Doctor prescribed Xtor for reducing the bad FAT from Blood. Also Ortho recommended to increase my Calcium level and prescribed Calcium supplement and recommended to have Egg.

Since I am Fishtarian, I take only Veg and Sea foods; Strictly No EGG and hesitate to take Calcium Tablets. So My smart wife planned to increase my Tomato intake, Butter Milk and Milk intake. So She is preparing variety of Tomato based gravy. Yesterday she was preparing Concentrated Tomato based gravy for Crispy Dosa. Me and Abhinav happened to visit Kitchen during that time and I commented that ” too much Tomato leads to Kidney stone” and we left Kitchen.

We sat together for Dinner and I was trying to feed Abhinav. Abhinav denied to take Tomato gravy and told me that ” I do not want kidney stone”. Why my grandfather took Tomato daily during his younger ages?

I was puzzled and told that ” Why did you tell like that Abhinav?”.

Abhinav Quickly replied ” My grandfather had kidney stone which I remembered; You were sharing this with Doctor ( i did during my health checkup as part of Parental Disease history)”. Me and Priya speechless for a moment and Surprised to see his sharp memory skill and Co-relation of the subjects.

PS: it happened to see in Google that ” tomato is not in top 10 Calcium rich foods”. it has just 1% of Calcium and 95% of Water. OMG….

Kandha Sasti

I ask Abhinav to take away yesterday’s Calendar page on every morning. And he used to ask me If there is any Picture and Why it is there also his Fortune of the day ( he belongs to Makara Rasi or Capricorn ). Today’s Conversation as below.

Me: Abhi kutti, take away the Yesterday Calendar page
Abhinav removed and he saw Lord Muruga picture on today’s page.
Abhinav: Daddy, Why Muruga picture is there? Is today his Birthday?
Me: I said No Abhi. Today is ” Sasti viratham”. That means, whoever worships Lord Muruga, they will do fasting.
Abhinav: Daddy, I worship and you too…we all went to Palani for my tonsure…Last week also we went to Kundrathur Muruga temple…Then do we do Fasting Today?
Me: As usual blinking and thinking ” what to Reply?”
Me: Who ever worships only Muruga, they will do Fasting today. We worships all gods. so we can skip.

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