Abhinav’s One of the ” Good Feel” hangout place. He loves to speak with Animals and feeds few grass and Leafs to Deers occasionally ( Strictly prohibited for feeding).

Few of Interesting Conversations:

I was showing Owl Cage and explaining to him.

Me: Owl can have 360 degree view because their neck supports. See, it rotates its neck.
Abhinav: Right Daddy. i saw it.
Abhinav: But Owls are supposed to wake up only Night….Why it is wake up now and seeing us…..
Me: What a tricky question….( me feeling of ” Kill the Textbooks”)
Priya: Since we are speaking loudly and it is disturbing them for sleeping at day time.
Abhinav: haaan ….hmmm….hmmm…

I was showing Snakes and White Rats and explaining to him.

Me: Snakes likes to eat Rat, Frog ….etc.
Me: You see these white rats are meant for Snakes. Thats why they are growing them.
Abhinav Where are the frogs then????
Me: Oh..God.

Thanks to Priya for Arranging ” Tamarind rice, Tomato Rice and Curd Rice…of course Chips and Biscuits to Bite….

Few Pictures:

Background Pelican, Flamingo and Crane
Abhinav as God ( snake as Umbrella)
Feeding Sambar Deer..( Deer Licked Abhinav hands fully….Fearless Abhinav)
Always trying Tough routes and succeeds it ( Avoided easy route of stair case)
Abhinav’s Most Favorite
Wanted to Climb tree….( I did some favor)
Posing on top of Elephant Slide
Peacock hinted us ” Its going to rain” ( It did and smashed the Building in Moulivakkam…12 storied building…big collapse)
Under Construction Cave
Feast Time for all Deers