Thirst to Basketball:

My Brother used to Gift lot of items to Abhinav whenever he visits him. Last time he gifted Kid’s Basketball and Basket alike. Today morning I got sometime to arrange Basket alike on wall, so Abhinav can play with it. Somehow i did find someplace where ball can make minimal damage to surrounding. Abhinav is so eager in the morning to start with it because it has another flashback which i don’t want to explain because it is his nasty behavior in his friend’s birthday party yesterday.

After arrangements, I explained him about ” How to stand, leg position, How to release ball?….etc”. I shown him few times also. I did put Ball few times in pocket and Abhinav attempted & failed. He wanted to reduce the basket height. I strictly told that it is not right practice and asked him to keep trying.

He brought one Plastic Stool and he did it. Me and Priya laughed and told him again to practice it.

I failed intentionally few times and pocketed after it. Then he gained some confidence and he did it. Big pat on his back. He is so happy.