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April 2014

Big Parliament Election – Abhinav’s Reply

Indelible ink mark on Adults and Kids
Tamil Nadu recorded 73.67 of Polling Percentage in Lok Sabha Election 2014. Total 5.5 crore people casted their vote to select Good PM. Leave the Facts apart.
Priya, My Mom and Abhinav went to Polling Booth to cast their vote around 750AM. My Mom and Priya Casted their vote and got their electoral stain on their forefinger.

Abhinav asked his mom that ” I also need Mark and let me cast my vote”.
Priya Replied that you can cast your vote only if you crss Age 18. Abhinav felt inferior for his under age (Only 4)in front of others.

Abhinav replied that ” Mom i got my mark during Polio Vaccination (January 2014)”.

He laughed and replied that ” You all are late”.

Priya, My Mom and Polling Booth officer joined with him for Big Laugh.


I am missing Abhinav

Sometimes we feel that time is very slow. Same i am having now. Abhinav is in my hometown and i am at Chennai. I am missing him same as my Blogs also.

Who is responsible?

Thoughtful Question

Me and Abhinav were talking in Mobile Yesterday. Below is the Conversation.

Me: Good Evening Abhinav.
Abhinav: Daddy !!!
Me: What did you had for Dinner?
Abhinav: Dosa, what about You?
Me: I prepared Yippe Noodles with Lots of Vegetables.
Abhinav: Why daddy ? Noodles is Junk food.
Me: I know Only Noodle Preparation.
Abhinav: Why my grandmother only Taught this to you? ஏன் இப்படி பாட்டி வளர்த்தாங்க?

Me: Seriously thinking about ” How Abhinav thinks that ” Son/Daughter behaviour & character is solely depend on Parenting Especially Mother”?

Kohli vs Koli

Virat Kohli or Hen

Because of T20 World cup, Abhinav also learnt two names of Indian Team. Who is none other than MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Tamil Seladai is used by Abhinav.
In Tamil, Koli means Hen. When Abhinav was interacting with Gokul, He used Hen is ” virat Kohli”.

He is Absolutely Right, Virat Kohli is now Yielding golden egg on his every match for India Cricket Prosperity.

Is it Fruit or Vegetable?

Coconut Dilemma

Abhinav is Enjoying his summer Vacation in Aundipatti. He is spending his most of time outside house though Sun is scorching. He has many friends from neighbours, he gelled very good with them and enjoying his fun time. He is debating with his Grandma about coconut day before yesterday.

Abhinav: Coconut water is so tasty.
My Mummy: It is good for health also.
Abhinav: Is coconut Fruit or Vegetable?
My Mummy: It is Fruit.
Abhinav: Not Convinced. Is it?
My Mummy: Yes Abhinav.

PS: In ChinnaKounder Movie, Senthil try to Tease Koudamnai for “Thengai is Ripe or Raw”. Abhinav got his doubt now.

PPS: Scientifically, Coconut is Drupe ( kind of Fruit).

Anybody know Gumber?

Plumber Vs Gumber

Somehow Aathisudi is not continued as bedtime story replacement for Abhinav. I certainly will do after he returns from summer vacation. Yesterday, Priya was teaching Abhinav about Person, Duties and their Tools. He knew already most of it.
Conversation as Follows

Priya: People who installs and service water Pipe, Drainage Pipe…etc called Plumber. Example: Our Shower, Wash basin pipe…etc
Abhinav: Hmm.
Priya: People who does to cut, shape and fix Wood (timber)…etc called Carpenter. Example: our Window, Door…etc
Abhinav: Hmm.
Priya: Who will have Scissor as their tools?
Abhinav: In no time, he replied Barber and Tailor.
Priya: People who does construction by Brick and Cement called ” Mason”. Example: Our House also Built by Mason.
Abhinav: Our house is built by house owner….ha ha ha..
Priya: Trying to Educate him about House Owner hired Masons…but Abhinav simply ignored it…
Abhinav: If our AC (Air Conditioner) broke down in two pieces, Who will fix it?
Priya: Technician
Abhinav: No Mummy. Gumber will fix. He will have Gum (Glue). he will join Two Pieces by using Gum (Glue). So Gumber Fixes Air Conditioner.

Me and Priya started laughing along with Abhinav.

Abhinav’s Vision

School Fee
Abhinav is received a letter from his school which is Promotion card and Fee Payment details for UKG. He is so happy that he has grown to become UKG student. So Priya and Abhinav went yesterday to pay Fee. Since his School advised to pay only by cash ( No cheques, No Card Swipe, No Demand Draft, No Money Order). Total fee for UKG (Upper Kindergarten) is Rs.31500. So Abhinav witnessed the payment of that much money to school.

Today Morning, I asked him , “Did you pay the fee for School?”.
He Said yes daddy and Fee is more than my piggy bank money.
Also he replied that he will build one school after he grown up. School name would be Nayana Vidyasram where no fees will be collected. He told in firm voice.

I felt so Proud that ” 4 Year old kid has got vision based on real events”. My vision is so selfish that i want to have Good life, Save good money for my kid and My retirement.

PS: For Rs. 31,500, School will give only around 10000 as Fee Receipt (after 6 months). Day Robbery and nobody questions them including me. Somebody did and their kids are expelled from school on Discipline front.

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