Broken Ladder
Children always like Board games especially Snakes & Ladders. Abhinav also got two board games viz Snakes & Ladders and Guess the Code during his Last Birthday. He likes to throw Dice. Children normally never accepts defeat, Abhinav is highly adamant on accepting defeats in board games.
I used to tell him that it is just game. So do not take very seriously. Sometimes he listens, remembers and takes it easily. But most of the occasions, he just swaps the Pawns and he became winner.
Today he played snakes & Ladders with his Grand Mother. As usual, he is in mood of unable to accept the Defeat. We thought that he is going to change the pawn. But he replied very diplomatically to his grandma that “do not use that Long ladder, it is damaged, you may fall”.

Everybody laughed and Enjoyed his Diplomacy.

PS: I was part of some fun games which was conducted as part of 2 days Team Building training session at L&T. I am not able to accept my team defeat because of biased judges. Genetics has major role :).