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March 2014

Harris Questions

Guest Post
Subburaj is one of my best friend. He is father of Harris. He shared few smart questions which was asked by Harris. I thought of Sharing this in my blog and hence so.
Conversation between Subburaj and Harris as follows.
Question 1:
Harris: How mouth is speaking ?

Subburaj: Because mouth has Tongue. it speaks. Subbu also demonstrated with his mouth about difficulty (impossibility) in Speaking if Tongue does not move inside mouth.
Harris: (Looks convinced, but not fully). Okay. Then why Animals are not speaking though it has Mouth and Tongue?
Subburaj: Started blinking like me and he replied that ” God does not bless them for speaking ability”.
Harris: Then i pray to god for animals. so they can speech.

Question 2:
Subbu is driving, Harris is also with him. Conversation as below when Subbu stopped his bike due to Traffic Signal (Signal is faulty, hence Commuters followed Signal by understanding)

Harris: Signal should be either Red, green or Amber. But here, why all are on?
Subbu: Signal is faulty. Thats why?
Harris: Faulty means, nothing should be ON. hey, you are lying….
Subbu: Aaramichutanda…Blinking and started bike….


" Do Work Properly Daddy"

Summer Vacation:
From March 20, Abhinav is having Summer Vacation until June first week. It is a wonderful time for kids. Abhinav is enjoying at Indoor and Outdoor based on time. Lets come to the Point.
During his School days, Abhinav and Priya Used to Leave home before me. Conversation will be like this while leaving house.

Me: Bye Abhinav ! Bye Priya !
Me: Abhinav, Please do Study Properly and Enjoy the day with your friends.
Abhinav: Bye daddy !
Since Summer Vacation, I (only) leave home: Conversation will be like this while I am leaving house.
Abhinav: Bye Daddy !
Abhinav: Do Work Properly !
Me: Silently accepting his advice and ” Bye Abhinav, Enjoy your day ”

PS: What you sow is what you reap.

They became Uncles

Brothers and Uncles
Yesterday we had Sudden Voltage drop at home around 930pm. Air conditioner went off, so me and abhinav went outside to enjoy Stars. My neighbours also came outside.
So we were having chit-chat and talking about politics, Office work …..etc (you know it ). Abhinav was with me with non active listening mode & jumping around. Thank God Power came to normal condition and eventually i said Good Night (bye :)) to neighbour. But Abhinav kept his silent and failed to say Good night.

I asked Abhinav during bedtime ” Why you did not say “Good Night” to Annas (brothers – they are neighbours). Abhinav said Quickly that ” they are not Annas (brothers). Since they finished college, they are Uncles.
I smiled and tried to educate him the difference between Brothers and uncles. But he is adamant. His brain is tuned to ” Brothers are School going persons”, “Uncles are College going or office going persons”

Night Sky – Abhinav Enjoys Astronomy after his visit to ” Birla Planetarium, Chennai

Snakes & Ladders

Broken Ladder
Children always like Board games especially Snakes & Ladders. Abhinav also got two board games viz Snakes & Ladders and Guess the Code during his Last Birthday. He likes to throw Dice. Children normally never accepts defeat, Abhinav is highly adamant on accepting defeats in board games.
I used to tell him that it is just game. So do not take very seriously. Sometimes he listens, remembers and takes it easily. But most of the occasions, he just swaps the Pawns and he became winner.
Today he played snakes & Ladders with his Grand Mother. As usual, he is in mood of unable to accept the Defeat. We thought that he is going to change the pawn. But he replied very diplomatically to his grandma that “do not use that Long ladder, it is damaged, you may fall”.

Everybody laughed and Enjoyed his Diplomacy.

PS: I was part of some fun games which was conducted as part of 2 days Team Building training session at L&T. I am not able to accept my team defeat because of biased judges. Genetics has major role :).

Piggy Bank

Abhinav and me were having Evening walk. I was teaching him about Company names. He was pointing randomly few objects and asked me about their Company names.
Suddenly he pointed a car and he was asking ” What is the Company name of car which is having overlapped 4 circles?”
I replied him that It is Audi car which is very expensive. I dont have much money to buy this.
He replied very quickly, You can take money from my piggy bank which is sufficient to by many cars.
I was really happy to hear his helping tendency and awareness & usefulness of Savings.

Papaya "Stolen"

Abhinav planted many plants in Garden Viz Papaya tree,Chilli, Solanum nigrum (மனத்தக்காளி), Jasmine, Neem…etc He is so caring on those plants. he used to go near by and talk to them. He like watering those. On Lazy days, I used to replace him for watering plants.
Papaya grown really fast. Refer below picture.
Today somebody stolen the circled papaya and Abhinav felt very bad. Abhinav wants to put them in jail who took his papaya.

Ps: he cared the plant and loss of fruit is intolerable for him. Parents cared 20+ years on their daughter and if somebody took her by the word “LOVE”. How parents will feel? Think about it. If he really loved her, Convince the parent and Marry her. Running is really BAD decision.

வெண்ணிலவே வெண்ணிலவே

Abhinav, Me and Priya were Watching “Thenum Palum” event in Kalaignar TV today morning. Played Songs are 80’s, mostly having “வெண்ணிலவே” in first line.
Songs like
1. En Iniya Ponnilavae
2. En Vanilae ore vennila
…and goes on.

I just asked Abhinav, Do you Know What is “வெண்ணிலா”? which is coming in all the songs.
Abhinav Replied in no time ” வெண்ணிலா ” is Ice cream Flavour daddy.

Priya and Me Laughed on this Sledai event.

ஓம் முருகா

Correlation Snippet:

Priya was reading Vikatan Magazine Yesterday. Abhinav was sneaked in and Replied as below. Abhinav was pointing Letter “ஓ” in Book.

Mummy, If nearby Spear (Vel in Tamil) is there, it becomes Lord Muruga.

Priya was so happy to see his correlation on devotional front.

அவ்வையாரின் ஆத்திசூடி

ஆறுவது சினம்

I Decided to Teach Abhinav about ஆத்திசூடி as a replacement of bed time stories. Thanks to Anon for giving me ஆத்திசூடி App in flash format which is pictorial explanation. Everynight Abhinav gets 5 of them. Yesterday, i started and He liked to ask questions on each one.
1. அறஞ்செய விரும்பு
2. ஆறுவது சினம்
3. இயல்வது கரவேல்
4. ஈவது விலக்கேல்
5. உடையது விளம்பேல்

He understood and we agreed to sleep. But Abhinav is so mischievous and Playing on me as a Horse Rider ( Pulling my Shirt as “Kadivalam”). Priya got angry and Commanded him to get down from me and ” go for Sleep”.

Abhinav Quickly replied ” ஆறுவது சினம் “….

Priya Blinked and we all laughed a lot.

PS: கோபம் தணியத் தகுவதாம். கோபத்தில் இருக்கும் பொது செயலும் பேச்சும் நமது கட்டுபாட்டில் இருக்காது. அமைதியை கடைபிடிப்பது சாலசிறந்தது. Abhinav reminded this back to us.

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