February 6, 2014

Event 1:
Yesterday Me and Abhinav had an evening walk and we talked about lot whichever visible on the street and topic changed to English to tamil Translation.

Abhinav: What is Mummy and Mother?
Me: Both are same (Though it is different and it is too early for him to explain)
Me: I asked him ” What is Tamil meaning of Brother?”
Abhinav: quickly “Anna” and for sister “ Thngatchi”. ( since she has sister, so it is easy for him to remember as thangatchi)
Me: thinking ( tomorrow or some other day, he will ask me what is for Akka and Thambi; I need to say it is same as sister and brother; English vocabulary most of the time lags)

Event 2:
He is very much interested in Post box usage. So I took his 3 drawings and Abhinav’s letter to his thatha. put it in envelope and stampd. Abhinav was so happy to put that in box.
After return, he called his grandmother and grandfather that “ do not miss my letter, it will come to you. If it falls, then it will get soiled. So better get it from post man carefully”