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February 2014


We used to have Evening Walk almost every day. Abhinav used to do cycling whereas we both walk with him, usually it ends with Chats (usually Pani Puri and Hot Soup).
During Walk, He spotted Custom Two wheeler for Handicapped.
Abhinav: Daddy, why this Scooter have extra 2 wheels? why our Hero Pleasure dont have?
Me: I was trying to explain him that when you apply brake while driving Two Wheeler, we have to use Legs for Support. So…..(he did not allow me to complete)

He Observed around the Places and Spotted Differntly abled Person with walking stick in Television repair shop.

Abhinav: I know it daddy. if we have only one leg, then we have to use this Two wheeler. I know, you stop.

Me and Priya felt proud of his observing and reasoning skills.


Sly Question

Me and Abhinav is having private chit-chat time. (private means “Priya is in other room”)

Abhinav: Daddy, how Grandmother is mother for you and Gokul (my Bro)?
Me: We both born from “my Mom Stomach” ( usual way of telling to kids )
Abhinav: Then why my Mom has only Abhinav???
Me: as usual blinking ……and redirected to Priya for answering

Cheese and Genetics

Event Happened Today Morning:
Power of Inheritance. we inherit from our parents and grand & great parents. Abhinav already showing the inheritance in many forms. His sleeping gesture is like his grand father (Priya’s Father).Bruxism is inherited from me. Physic is inherited from mother. Transactional mind is inherited from my father….much more. Below one is way of talking.
Priya complained about Abhinav that, he took Cheese bar from Refrigerator and eating like breakfast. And he is asking more & more. So I stepped in.

Me: If you eat cheese alone, then you may find bad taste at mouth and you may vomit. You need to eat cheese along with Dosa, Chapathi, Bread…etc
Abhinav: he is dragging me to near wall where Vitamin chart is displayed. See, if you eat cheese , you will get B12.
Me: you need to eat along with other food. Not alone..
Abhinav: show me where it is written in vitamin chart?
Me: As usual blinking…

Sub event on Feb 7, 2014 :
I was helping my friend to open PPF account in SBI where his application rejected previous day for dummy reasons. So I stepped in.

Friend: Submitting application for PPF to the manager.
Manager: It can not be accepted due to not having Savings account with SBI.
Me: Savings account not required for PPF
Manager: We are not allowed to open PPF account without savings account as per rule
Me: Show me where It is written ? As per Government rule, it is not required.
(Then we met Branch head and he got PPF Account without SBI savings Account)

First Gold Medal

His First Medal

Abhinav Participated in Annual Sport meet- 2014 of Pon Vidyasram School and he won First price in Running Competition. He was so happy that ” he shown his medal to all his class students and he did not stop to show to other KG Students also”.
So he was in hype mode. He came home and slept with that and went to his friends home for playing with wearing the medal .
Until I reach home, it was with him. Atlast, he gave up and told me to keep safe in locker.

PS: I never participated in any of the Sports. Priya did participate and she represented for District level. Genes are really palaying….

Abhinav’s Childish Mischevious -3

February 12, 2014
Event 1:

Yesterday we are preparing for Marriage Reception.
Abhinav: what is T Shirt? Daddy
Me: Shirt without button is called T Shirt, otherwise it is Shirt
Abhinav: Suddenly he realized that he wore Custom shirt with Zip, asked me what is this shirt?
Me: As usual escaping and blinking…

Abhinav’s Childish Mischevious -2

February 6, 2014

Event 1:
Yesterday Me and Abhinav had an evening walk and we talked about lot whichever visible on the street and topic changed to English to tamil Translation.

Abhinav: What is Mummy and Mother?
Me: Both are same (Though it is different and it is too early for him to explain)
Me: I asked him ” What is Tamil meaning of Brother?”
Abhinav: quickly “Anna” and for sister “ Thngatchi”. ( since she has sister, so it is easy for him to remember as thangatchi)
Me: thinking ( tomorrow or some other day, he will ask me what is for Akka and Thambi; I need to say it is same as sister and brother; English vocabulary most of the time lags)

Event 2:
He is very much interested in Post box usage. So I took his 3 drawings and Abhinav’s letter to his thatha. put it in envelope and stampd. Abhinav was so happy to put that in box.
After return, he called his grandmother and grandfather that “ do not miss my letter, it will come to you. If it falls, then it will get soiled. So better get it from post man carefully”

Abhinav’s Drawings

Abhinav has quite Drawing habits which he might inherited from his mother and my mother. it so good when he picks colors for his drawing and his geture while drawing.

8th December 2013

3rd February 2014
He has his passion for colors, painting. but his mind is like floating electron or Super computer (doing multi tasks). If he concentrates, he can be good artist. Me and Priya certainly help him to grrom his skills.

Abhinav’s Childish Mischevious -1

I thought of using my Blog for Abhinav’s Mischevious questions and Events; of course it is childish and brainy.

(January 2014)
Event 1:
Me and Abhinav Playing English Alphabets ( before and after Letters)
Me: what is the letter after “ C”?
Abhinav: ‘ D ‘ daddy.
Now his turn
Abhinav: What is the Letter after “Z”?
M: blinking as usual…

Event 2:
Priya Watching Malayalam movie in Laptop. Abhinav usually ask about movie name and language to me /wife if we see movies in laptop.
Abhinav: What is the movie name amma?
Priya: I am watching malaylam movie kutti?
Abhinav: I asked movie name not language
Me and Priya Laughing …

Event 3:
Pon vidyasram school is hosting annual day and every LKG class will have one representative. Abhinav got selected in his class and he is going to host as “ guruvaurappan”.he went for rehearsal on Saturday and he is hosting as “Mahavir”. Priya thinks “ for guruvaurappan, atleast some make up and dressing; so worth taking some photographs”, “ for mahavir, it is just komanam only”.
Abhinav is very adamant for mahavir only, finally the reason is For mahavir, the other students will do aarathi and offer flowers on feet. for guruvaurappan , it just stand and other student will do only dance.

And many more…will right shortly.

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